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Q: Use a similar experiment to demonstrate that oil occupies space and has weight.What modifications would be required?
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How do you make an experiment to show that air occupies space?

The easiest way to demonstrate the volume of air is with a balloon. When it is inflated, the air inside is occupying space. Deflate the balloon - it shrinks in the absence of air.

How can you prove air is matter?

The classical definition says anything that occupies space is matter. To prove air occupies space we can do a small experiment. Take a balloon and blow air in it. The balloon expands and this proves that air occupies space. And thus we can prove air is matter.

What occupies a very small amount of total space inside an Atom according to Richards gold foil experiment?

The atomic nucleus.

Does water occupy space?

Yes. Water occupies space. If you don't believe try out an experiment where you put water in a syringe and try to push it.

Does agriculture occupies the soil?

yes it occupies soil

Is air matter?

Yes, it is a type of matter. To show that air is matter show that air occupies space and has mass, or "weight"., to do this weigh an empty balloon then inflate the balloon and weigh it again, this will demonstrate that air has mass and occupies space it is therefore matter.

Which continents occupies the most hemispheres?

which continents occupies the southern hemisphere

How many syllables in the word occupies?

there is 4 syllables i the word occupies

That which occupies space and mass?

That which occupies space and has mass is known as matter.

Something that has mass and occupies space?

MATTER. Has a mass and volume(occupies space).

What is the amout of space that matter occupies?

The amount of space that matter occupies is its volume.

What occupies space?

Matter occupies space. Also dark matter does too.