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Despite the opportunity for heroism, the cowardly officer led his troops into a pusillanimous retreat.

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How do you use puillanimous in a sentence?

The word pusillanimous is an adjective. An example of a sentence using the word would be: The team captain's resignation was viewed by many as pusillanimous.

Use the word pusillanimous in a sentence?

She would never tell him so, but truthfully she thought her husband was more pusillanimous than cautious.

How do you use pusillanimous in a sentence?

Ernest Hemingway due to his absence of cowardliness, can not be called pusillanimous.Answerpusillanimous is a word which means cowardly and weak. It is a character word which always implies flaws in the person's makeup. "Mark's pusillanimous actions declared him to be a traitor to his friends."

What rhymes with magnanimous?


Where can you find songs with the word 'pusillanimous' in the lyrics?

It's highly unlikely you will ever find song lyrics with such words. I read thousands of song lyrics and have never seen words like 'pusillanimous' - they simply aren't suited to songs.

What are some antonyms of valor?

Cowardice , pusillanimous ,

What is an antonym of the word dauntless?

Cowardly , pusillanimous or fearful .

Who does Thomas Jefferson refer to as pusillanimous?

this nuts XD

What is another word for cowardly starting with p?

Panicky, pusillanimous

If someone is pusillanimous what adjectives would also describe them?


Which president uttered the phrase pusillanimous pussyfooting?

Richard M. Nixon

What is it called when you use double words like-- please mind the unpleasant examples-- 'a pusillanimous coward' or 'a dead corpse'?


What does poca cosa mean in English?

little thing poquita cosa = pusillanimous person

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What words contain the root word animus?

here u go * equanimity * animosity * animadvert * pusillanimous * unanimous

What is the antonym of word courageous?

fearful, scared, "chicken", cowardly, spineless, gutless, "lily-livered", dastardly, and pusillanimous

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