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He was very apahetic about his fathers death.

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How do you use apathetic in a sentence?

During the trial, the criminal was very apathetic to his situation

Use apathy as an adjective in a sentence?

apathetic is the adjective. His apathetic attitude annoys me!

Use the word apathetic in a sentence?

Uninterested in politics, Bruno was apathetic about whether he lived under a capitalist or communist regime.

What sentence can you make with the word apathetic?

I am apathetic of getting a "B" on my exam.

Apathetic in a sentence?

The people who do not come to their children's games are apathetic. Apathetic means no interest or lack of interest in something.

What is a compound sentence with the word apathetic?

The apathetic audience shortened my act considerably.

Sentence using the word apathetic?

The tired pupil seemed apathetic to the subjects.APATHETIC=Feeling or showing a lack of interest

Using apathetic in a sentence?

The Nazis were apathetic to any humanity but their own. Please do not become apathetic to ecological causes. Teachers seem to be apathetic to a student's reason for loss of homework.

How do you use the word apathetic is a sentence?

She seems depressed and she's apathetic about improving her outlook on life. For months he trained daily at the gym, but since breaking up with his girlfriend, he's apathetic about his appearance. If you want to remain an active member of the cheerleading squad, your apathetic attitude needs to improve.

Can you write a sentence for apathetic?

Every day she got the same apathetic responses, so she decided to try something new.

Sentence using apathetic?

Jolene simply did not care whether the play would be completed or not. This apathetic attitude led to the cancellation of the production on Broadway.

Give a sentence with the word apathetic?

The teacher could tell how apathetic the students were, when they all yawned and groaned once she started telling them about the fifty states.

What does apathetic mean in Romeo and Juliet?

Shakespeare does not use the word apathetic in Romeo and Juliet. He never uses it in any of his works.

What rhymes with apathetic?

Rhymes with apathetic:AuthenticPatheticSympathetic

What are some example sentences for apathetic?

Perhaps because I was so tired, I was apathetic to who won the game.Since my team was not in the Super Bowl, I was apathetic to the winner.

How does someone become apathetic. Also how does one get it?

You do not "get" apathetic,you become it. Apathetic means with out care. Example: "She's so apathetic about her grades." Meaning she has no care about her grades. She could careless.

Are raccoons apathetic or skittish?

Raccoons are skittish and definitely not apathetic.

What does apathetic the feeling mean?

Apathetic means having or showing no emotion or feeling.

Apathetic audience that is a captive audience?

No, an apathetic audience is the exact opposite of a captive audience. They are unresponsive and un-attentive for the most part. They are certainly not "Captivated" if they are apathetic..

What is example of apathetic?

He is so apathetic towards studies. He is never going to finish his college.

What is the abstract noun for apathetic?

The word 'apathetic' is the adjective form of the abstract noun apathy.

What is an apathetic citizen?

An apathetic citizen is one who does not show an interest in politics. They rarely if ever vote.

Sentence with trifle in it?

The billionaire remained apathetic when his home was burgled, saying that the things taken were mere trifles with no large material or sentimental value.

What is apathetic?

Showing or feeling no interest.

What is the adjective form of apathy?