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Use beneficiary in a sentence?

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Kacey is the beneficiary of her mom's life insurance policy since she's the only child, and she is the heir of her mom's house.

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How do you use beneficiary as a sentence?

The cows milk was beneficiary to the townspeople. use it as a descriptive word.

How can you use beneficiary in a sentence?

The beneficiary received a huge amount of money from lottery.

How do you use beneficiary in a sentence?

Lauren was the beneficiary of the 1,000,000 dollars that she won in the lottery.

How would you use the word beneficiary in sentence?

He is the sole beneficiary of his uncle Ben. If Ben dies then he gets everything!

Can you give me a sentence using the word beneficiary?

A beneficiary is a person or group that receives benefits so a sentence you could use would be something like, "The beneficiary of the million dollar check was quite happy," or something to that extent.

How do you use the word beneficiary in a sentence?

The proceeds of a life insurance policy are paid to the designated beneficiary.He was the beneficiary of a series of fortunate incidents, which left him a very wealthy man.

How do you use the word benefactor in a sentence?

When my father dies he will be the benefactor of his estate, and I will be the main beneficiary.

How do you put beneficiary in a sentence?

The child was the beneficiary of the old man's kindness.

Beneficiary in a sentence?

Your child may be the beneficiary of all that you own, as spelled out in your will.

A sentence with the word beneficiary?

I was the beneficiary, when my Grandpa passed away, by getting all his possessions.

Is the following sentence correct The beneficiary is unable to speak do to her disabilities'?

'The beneficiary is unable to speak due to her disabilities' is correct.

Can you write a sentence with the word beneficial in it?

The vacation was very beneficiary to my dad's health

What is the Iban or aba imperial bank Kenya limited for GBP beneficiary?

IBAN or ABA is not in use in kenya. Request beneficiary to give you their A/C number

where is infomation on beneficiary?

where is infomation on beneficiary

What is the plural of beneficiary?

The plural of beneficiary is beneficiaries.The plural of the singular noun beneficiary is beneficiaries.

Can a beneficiary of an IRA name a successor beneficiary in the state of Colorado?

No. A beneficiary has no authority to name a beneficiary of another's property. Only the principal can name the beneficiary. Generally, if the primary beneficiary declines to accept the inheritance then the gift will lapse and the property will be included in the estate.

Why there is there a first beneficiary and second beneficiary?

Incase something happens to the first beneficiary. Such as: they pass away.

Can a beneficiary of an IRA name a successor beneficiary?

Yes, the beneficiary of an inherited IRA (AKA beneficiary IRA) can name a beneficiary to that account. In the past, this was not really allowed so some form may still practice as such.

What does irrevocable beneficiary mean?

It means that if you want to change the beneficiary, the beneficiary themselves must sign off on it.

Is the executor of a will also the beneficiary?

Only if named a beneficiary in the will.

Who collects the life insurance if the policy holder and beneficiary have died?

If the beneficiary of a policy has died, the estate of the beneficiary can still collect the insurance payment, assuming that the beneficiary does have an heir or heirs of some kind (as most people do). Note that this is a fairly unusual situation, because normally when a beneficiary dies, a new beneficiary is named. There is no reason to allow the policy to have no living beneficiary, unless the insured and the beneficiary happen to die at about the same time, and there is no time to name a new beneficiary.

Do you have to change your will or can you just change a beneficiary for your life insurance?

As long as you did not make your beneficiary irrevocable, you can just change your beneficiary. If your beneficiary is irrevocable you are out of luck unless you can get them to authorize the change.

Does to the issue of deceased beneficiary have the same meaning as surviving issue of beneficiary?

No, not exactly.The issue of a deceased beneficiary includes any issue that has predeceased that beneficiary.Surviving issue means only the issue living at the time of death of the beneficiary.

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