Use factious in a sentence

Updated: 9/18/2023
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in a conversation people might say factious things

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Q: Use factious in a sentence
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How to use Factious in a sentence?

"His factious behavior caused tension within the group, leading to disagreements and divisions among members."

How can you use the word factious in a sentence?

The word "factious" is used to describe people who are either in a faction or express dissent in some other way. An example of a sentence using the word "factious" is "The factious youth of the 1960's held frequent anti-war demonstrations. "

Why is factious a word?

There is one reason and one reason only why factious is a word: it is used as one.

What does factious mean?

Given to or promoting internal dissension.

What does factious mean in Latin?

part of , segment

What does ious- mean?

The suffix -ious means relation to. This is shown in factious.

Is the big dipper also associated with rain or weather in any way?

No it does not! Have anything in no from r factious to do with rain or any weather

How political environment effects society?

A country's political environment has a big effect on it's society. If the political climate is factious and argumentative, the people in that society will behave in factious and argumentative ways. Similarly, if the political environment stresses fairness and bipartisanship, then people will behave toward each other in a less aggressive manner.

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