Use laziness in a sentence

Updated: 9/28/2023
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If you sleep in bed all day you have a laziness problem and if you like hsm you cool or maby not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=]

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Due to his tardiness and his laziness, he was fired from his job.

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Q: Use laziness in a sentence
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How can you use the word chide in a sentence?

"he chided the boy for his laziness"

Write a sentence with the word laziness?

Asking someone else to write a simple sentence using the word "laziness" is simply lazy. :) My laziness became obvious to everyone when I asked for help writing a sentence with the word "laziness".

Do you use do or due in the following sentence. Due to his laziness he did not complete his work.?


How can you write a sentence using the word ascribed?

His use of WikiAnswers to do his homework can be ascribed to his inherent laziness.

Can you give me a good sentence for laziness?

My laziness made me late for school moreover I missed a very important test and my teacher was very angry with me!.

Sentence with the word factor?

One factor in his lack of success was his laziness.

Why do pple use bad grammar on wikianswers?


Need a command sentence for laziness?

sillier is an adjective, not a command. But here is an example of a command with the word

What is a sentence with the word procrastination?

I will wait until tomorrow to answer this question and then give you an example of procrastination in a sentence.

Epitome used in a sentence?

Firearms legislation is the epitome of allowing the criminal offense to be in the society

How do you use the word fatuity in a sentence?

(meaning complacency, smugness, stupidity) In consolidating his power, the baron counted on the fatuity and laziness of his rivals. The fatuity of the managers would become obvious only when most of them were fired.

How does finish the laziness?

laziness can be finished by doing work.