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If a credit card is used by an individual authorized to use the account and that person was not aware the primary acct holder was deceased when the card was used, the card company will probably include the charges in the final bill submitted to the estate rep. If death was known they will hold the authorised user responsible for the charges. If the user was not authorized and knew about the death of the holder it was fraud and criminal charges should be filed.

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Q: Use of credit card after primary holders death?
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Are primary card holders credit affected by adding a user?

A Primary card holder's credit will not be impacted by adding an authorized user.

Can a secondary card holder's credit rating hurt the primary card holders credit?

No. The secondary cardholder's credit history has nothing to do with the primary cardholder's. The reason for this is even if there are two cards, there is still only one account for both cards which the primary cardholder is responsible. Jags

What are the average statistics of credit cards?

According to the CreditCards website, as of 2008 there were 176 million credit card holders. The majority of credit card holders have 3 or more credit cards, and over 40% of students have a credit card.

Can a credit card company report bad credit on an authorized user's credit report after the death of the primary card holder?

if you are an authorized user on the card then you are responsible for the card too. so yes they can

What happens to credit card debt after the death of card holder?

This would depend upon the nature of the card holders' estate, whether they had a will, and the laws of their state of residence.

If someone applies for a credit card and adds a relative as a joint card holder does only the primary card holders past credit come into play?

This all depends on the lender. Many lenders will require that a joint card holder must have a good enough credit score to have qualified for the card on their own, while others will only pay attention to the credit score of the primary card holder and just make sure that any joint holders are free from derogatory information. If you are considering adding someone to your credit card account, or being added to a credit card account, ask them before attempting to do so.

If a person has no estate at the time of death who would be responsible for his credit card debt?

Currently I am dealing with estate issues and credit card debts. I am not a lawyer but after talking to many professionals, it seems to me that if their is no estate and no joint credit card holders then the card company will have to write it off.....

When do credit card holders pay interest?


where can credit card services be obtained?

credit card services can be obtained by banks and credit card providers it can also be provided by people who are experienced with dealing with credit card holders and provders

Are parents legally responsible for child's credit card debt?

If the parents are the primary card holders and let the child use the card, yes. If the child is a minor, yes. If the parents are a co-signer for the account, yes. If the child is over 18 and the credit card is their own, no.

Credit Card Holder?

A credit card holder is a device you can use to conveniently carry your credit cards. They will safely store your credit cards if you don't want to carry a large, clunky wallet. Credit card holders come in different styles and pretty designs. Some are made of leather, while others are made of metal. Some card holders have a button that you can press to eject the credit cards. Credit card holders can usually hold up to ten cards, and they often have a slot where you can store cash. Credit card holders are inexpensive, and they usually cost less than thirty dollars. They can be found in department stores, and on where they have relatively low prices.

How many credit card holders in the US?

around 56 million

What does it mean to transfer credit card balance?

To transfer a credit card balance means to use the available credit on one credit card to pay off the balance of another credit card. This is often done by credit card holders to pay back a balance at a lower rate.

Does a second credit card holder receive a credit card?

Yes, a second credit card holder has his/her credit card also but of course, they are just under the primary card holder.

Are there coupons for Sears credit card holders?

Yes there are in fact it. If you are a Sears credit card holder, you will get special coupons in the mail that other people will not get?

What are some of the rewards available from American Express to its credit card holders?

Rewards available from American Express to its credit card holders include air miles and gift cards. Depending on the country, the available rewards can vary.

Do Joint Credit Cards Help Build Good Credit?

Joint credit cards can work both ways. Since the credit card account is placed on both holders' credit accounts, the activity on the card as a whole affects both parties equally. So, if the card is maintained properly, it can help improve credit. However, if one of the card holders abuses the card and ranks up thousands of dollars in debt, it can adversely affect the other holder's credit rating.

If you are an authorized user on a credit card and the primary holder dies are you resonsible for the debt?

An authorized user on a credit card can be responsible on an account in which the primary card holder passes. The creditor looks at the situation as the authorized card holder was able to make purchases with the account, and should be held liable, even in the event of the primary's death.

Is it fraud for an authorized user to make charges after the death of the primary credit card card holder?

You were an authorized user of the card and should be able to use it any time. It's not a fraud for you to use the card. That is... unless you made the charges on the card while knowing that the bill would not be paid because of the primary card holder's death. That could be considered fraud.

What percentage of credit card holders carry a balance from month-to-month?


Where could someone find plastic credit card holders to protect the magnetic strips?

Plastic credit card holders can be found online at Amazon or eBay. If there is a nearby college or university nearby, these products are often sold in the bookstore for college IDs.

How would one obtain a Toys R Us credit card?

One can obtain a Toys"R"Us credit card by applying at a Toys"R"Us store. The Toy"R"Us credit card provides rewards to credit card holders and there is no annual fee.

What happens to credit card upon death in regards to the heirs?

The credit card should be returned to the credit card company or destroyed and the company should be notified immediately of the death so the account can be closed.

Can an authorized user of a credit card increase credit limit without knowledge of card holder?

Short answer:It depends on the bank. Most likely though, no. Long answer:It depends on the bank and if the person asking the credit limit increase is a primary card holder. Most banks or credit card companies won't allow a secondary card holder to increase the credit limit. I just called and checked. The bank my credit card was associated with was MBNA.I am a secondary card holder (my name is on the card, but the primary responsibility to the account is under someone else's name).They told me the primary card holder needs to call in to modify the credit limit.So in my case, the answer is no. An authorized user of the card cannot increase the credit limit without the knowledge of the primary card holder.

Can the secondary card holder on a credit card account transfer credit card balances to a new card?

No unless the primary gives the secondary permission too