Use pathological in a sentence

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Long bones are also at risk from pathological fracture.

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Q: Use pathological in a sentence
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How do you use Pathological in a sentence?

Let me begin by saying that I'm a pathological liar : P

How do you use the word 'pathological' in a sentence?

The court thought he was a pathological liar to be able to lie about his wife's death

Can you give me a sentence for pathological?

I can give you a couple. He is a pathological liar. The disease is pathological.

What is a sentence with pathological?

Our pathological class was on blood diseases.

Pathological in a sentence?

The pathological liar will confuse reality in their web of deceit until you don't know what to believe. The casebook documented the pathological destruction of his disease.

How do you use scatological in a sentence?

In his old age, the man's bent toward crude expressions grew into a pathological wallowing in scatological language.

A sentence using the word pathological?

some people like Patholigical

Provide the psychologist with a recommendation for which research method should be used to gather data on the pathological liars and their spouses?

what research method would you use for pathological liar.

What is the mania for pathological indecisiveness?

aboulomania - pathological indecisivenessViper1

What is a pathological reflex?

A pathological reflex is an unexpected/abnormal response to stimulus. For instance, a positive babinski reflex is a pathological reflex.

What has the author Eduard Rindfleisch written?

Eduard Rindfleisch has written: 'Lehrbuch der pathologischen Gewebelehre' -- subject(s): Anatomy, Pathological, Histology, Pathological, Pathological Anatomy, Pathological Histology

How can you tell if your girlfriend is a pathological liar?

If she is always lying to you, then she is a pathological liar.

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