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used to make chalk and to help in the maintainace of the road

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Q: Uses for limstone?
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Were does limstone come from?

the ceiling

What is the chemical formula of limstone?


What rock group is limstone?


What is the scientific name for limstone?

Calcium Carbonate

What type of lokks smoothy and glassy?


What is the mineral composition of marble?

the composition of luster is limstone

What is the Calcium rich rock where water has evaporated?


What rock is in the Devils Tower made out of?

Limstone Berbs

What did ancient egyptians use limstone for?

to build pyramids(and for something to write on).

Is limstone made out of sedimentary rocks?

Yes, Limestone is made out of sedimentary rock!!!

Is a limestone an ore?

No, Limstone is not an ore but magnetite, hematite, kimbertite, and bauxite are so examples of ores.

How many limstone blocks did the great pyramid require?

About 2 million each weighing an average of 2.5 tons

Why do stalactites and stalagmites often occur in pairs?

because these stalactites are part of a more complex limstone cave system

What has the author A Vaughan Jennings written?

A. Vaughan Jennings has written: 'Note on the orbitoidal limstone of North Borneo' -- subject(s): Limestone

What has pyramids got to do with limstone?

Limestone is the principle material from which pyramids are built. It is a sedimentary rock which is reasonably soft and easily worked with copper tools.

What are Roman statues made up of?

Lots of marble, Italy has a gracious plenty of it, alabaster , bronzes ,wood,limstone [softer than marble ] and some granite.

What has limestone in?

The chemical formula for Limstone is CaCo3(small 3 at bottom right) Ca- calcium Carbon- C O-oxygen so overall it has calcium, carbon and oxygen

Why arnt limestone lakes affected by acid rain?

The 'acid' (sulphur dioxide or nitrogen oxides) dissolved in the rain water are acidic. Limestone is alkali. Therefore, the acid in the rain is neutralised by the limstone.

What is the full cycle of limestone?

The limstone cycle: 1. Limstone (CaCO3) - Heat limestone to produce quicklime 2. Quicklime (CaO) - Add a few drops of water to produce slaked lime 3. Slake lime (Ca(OH)2(s)) - Add excess water to produce Limewater 4. Limewater (Ca(OH)3(aq) ) - Bubble CO2 gas into limewater to produce limestone This is called a cycle because it happens again and again...

Does Limestone rock affect your salt water pool Ph levels and does the rocks breakdown from the salt?

I just conducted an experiment with a small amount of limstone in beakers of acids and bases and the Ph levels stayed the same.

What type of rocks are found around the jenolan caves?

The predominate type of rock found in the Jenolan Caves area is limstone. In the area surrounding Jenolan Caves can be found shale, granite, chert, sandstone and porphyries.

What type of rock makes building rocks and cement and fertilizers?

!!! im a 5th grader from grinnell Iowa middle school my science teacher is Mrs.Rudolph she rocks!!! so the answer is limstone!! thaks!! January 26 2010!!! bye

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