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Uses of flat bottomed flask?

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Flat bottomed flask is used to hold different types of chemicals and mix them. This also used to avoid liquid from spilling.

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What is the function of a flat bottomed flask in a laboratory?

The flat bottomed flask is used for measuring liquids.

What is flat bottomed flask?

It's a flask with a flat bottom.

What is bottomed flask used for in science?

The flat bottomed flask used by chemists is called an Ehrlemeyer flask.

Flat bottom flask?

just like the round bottomed flask but with a flat bottom

Function of a flat bottomed flask?


What is the function of flat bottomed flask?


How do you use a flat bottomed flask?


Why is a round bottomed flask used in fractional distillation rather than a flat bottomed flask?

Better heat distribution

What is a flat bottomed flask used for in chemistry?

Some uses are:- experiment of chemical reactions- distillation- rotating evaporators

Function of flat bottomed flask?

A container in which you mix chemicals.

What is meaning of flat bottomed flask?

ang tamang meaning ng bottomed flask is ay sisidlan ng toes pag naglolo ka answer by: n.m.h

What is a Flat Bottomed Flask and what is it used for?

Flat bottomed flasks are used for the same purposes as round bottomed flasks. The differences are: 1. the flat bottomed flask can stand alone, is more robust but not specifically designed to withstand open flames. 2. the round bottomed flask, also called a Florence or boiling flask, can withstand open flame for long periods, allows for more even heating of its contents, facilitates swirling, and requires supporting apparatus since it cannot stand alone on its spherical bottom.

What is a Flat bottomed Flask and how is it used?

It's a flask with a flat bottom. It's used for containing liquids when you don't want to have to use a stand to keep it from tipping over.

What is the use of flat bottomed flask?

It is to hold different flask types of chemicals to mix them to make chemical reactions in liquid phase..

What are the uses of flat-bottomed flask?

It is to hold different types of chemicals together to mix them, to make chemical reactions in liquid phase, to make titration, etc.

What is the difference between a conical flask and a round bottom flask?

(the clue's in the name) One is conical and one is round-bottomed. A conical flask is better for sitting on a work surface as its base is flat. A round-bottomed flask is more often suspended i.e. over a heater of some sort.

What is the uses of round bottomed flask?

The important uses are: - to make chemical reactions at hot temperature - to contain a liquid to be distilled

Round Bottomed flask use?

A round bottomed flask is a boiling flask. It is hooked to a condensing apparatus and a burner is placed under the round bottom.

What is a florence flask used for?

A florence flask is a round bottomed flask used for boiling.

What is flat bottomed?

a river barge will generally be flat bottomed, so that it can go up rivers

What is the function of the erlenmeyer flask?

The Erlenmeyer flask was named after its creator Emil Erlenmeyer, who was a German chemist. It is a flat bottomed cone-shaped container that has a tapered neck so that a person can hold it, put a stopper on it or attach a clamp with it. This flask is used to measure, mix, and store liquid.

What is the use of the round bottomed flask?

it used as container of liquid chemicals.

What is flat bottom flask?

A flat bottom flask would be an Ehrlemeyer flask, which is used quite a lot by chemists.anf

What uses does a Erlenmeyer flask have?

An Erlenmeyer flask, commonly known as a conical flask or E-flask, is a widely used type of laboratory flask which features a flat base, a conical body, and a cylindrical neck. The flask is named after the German chemist Emil Erlenmeyer, who created it in 1861. Because the bottom is flat it can stand by itself as opposed to spherical bottom flasks which are also common.The flat bottom makes it easy to put on a stirring device which rotates a magnet in the flask.

What boat is flat bottomed?