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You are my Queen and I am your King

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Q: Usted Es Mi Reina y Soy Su Rey?
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Quien es la reina actual rey de españa?

Letizia Ortiz.

Quien es mas macho?

Yo soy mas macho que usted.

How do you answer de dond es od?

If you mean: 'De donde es Vd (=usted)?': 'Where are you from?', the answer is: 'Soy de....' ('I am from....') If 'od' in the question is not 'Vd/usted', it could mean: Where is he/she//are you from? OR (doubtfully): Where is od from?

You are the queen in Spanish?

"You are the queen" in spanish is: "Usted es la reina" If you need more tranlating, go to:

How do you say Where am I from in Spanish?

De donde es usted/eres? = Where are you (formal/informal) from? Soy de.... = I am from.....

How do you say yes you are right in spanish?

si soy ispano o ispana

How do you say you are Mexican?

You can say "Usted es mexicano" or "Eres mexicano". Substitute "mexicana" for females. 'Yo soy mexicano/a' = 'Iam Mexican'

How do you say 'you are too kind' in spanish?

usted es demasiado bueno (I got this answer from'd say 'Sos (o eres) un sol'. It's the closest equivalent to 'You're a doll', we wouldn't say 'usted es demasiado bueno', that's a literal translation

What does Es usted un monstruo no es usted mean?

Are you a monster no you're not

Www Ceibal Edu Uy?

soy agustina reina y mi direccion es 50/5y mi cel 095713535 soy de villa constitucion ymi cedula es 5.553.334-1 mi madre se llama Laura leguizamo.

How do you say 'Where are you from' in Spanish?

Informal: ¿De dónde eres? / ¿De donde vienes?Formal: ¿De dónde viene/es usted?de donde eres"Where are you from?" "De donde eres?""I am from..." "Soy de..."

What does usted es un hombre mean?

"Usted es un hombre" means "You are a man" in English.