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VIN of ae980123 can this be explained of a VW?


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if this is for a (type1) beetle, then it means you have a 1300 LSD (ae) registered between August & December 1955 (980123)


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where is the location of the vin tag for a 1973 VW thing

usually, the 3rd number of the vin correspond to the year of the vw. In this case, it would be 1977.

VIN # is found under the rear seat on the wishbone part of the cassis.

“looking to see if the 72 VW I own is a Beetle or Super Beetle? VIN # 1122369336”

Your VW dealer can get the code from VW they will require the vin # and the radio ser.# there is usually a charge for this service.(about 25 - 30 $) Regards: TG Reaper

the vin number is usually found on the inside lip of the driver side door , where the door latch is.

The VIN for my 1968 VW Beetle is located under the hood, behind the spare tire, on an attached metal plate. and under the rear seat dead center the hump.

According to the VIN you typed, the Volkswagen Official Service Manual indicates it is a 1973 (Kombi or Campmobile).

decode vin 1973 Volkswagen beetle

I need to find the year of my vw van that i just rescued so i can try to find restorative parts.... help, and thanks . PS. its a German made vw.

easiest place to find is under rear seat on tunnel to check vin +

Under the back seat, stamped on the center tunnel.

On the drivers side dash. You can see it thru the windshield.

Its easiest to see outside the vehicle, look at the windshield on the drivers side close to the hood there should be a rectangular area on the dash that has the vin #

Not exactly sure but it might be a right hand drive 1976.

It depends on the trim level and if its the 2.5 or 2.0T. Most of them are 15. write down your vin, and call your local vw dealer, they can get all the info just from your vin, or just look on your tire sidewall, it will say the size, or in your doorjam on the sticker.

The VIN number is located on the windshield on the left side of the dashboard. It can also be found on the right inner fender of the 2001 VW Passat.

By the VIN go to

under the back seat right in the middle. it should be 7 numbers/letters

Under the windshield, at the middle of firewall panel. Engine hood must be raised.

the vin is stamped on the sheet-metal on the right near the battery also it is on a tag on the side of the fresh air divert er right side

I have some charts showing the meaning of the number and letter sequence in old VW vin numbers. All depends on how old the owner is as to whether i can help with decoding for you. If you want to let me have the vin I'll see if i can help.Dave.

As far as I know you must have the Vin number and the radio serial number. Both of these numbers have to be submitted by an authorized VW dealer through VW Hub to get a theft code.

From the VIN #,from left to right the 10th character will give you a letter code and you can look it up.

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