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I have recently seen one at a gun show for 225.00 new.

AnswerI got my Ithaca (12ga.) for about 220 dollars at a used gun shop. i believe they stopped producing them about 30 years ago but i may be wrong i need to do some more research.


Ithaca started producing them in 1937 in 12 GA 2 3/4 only and in later years they added 20 and 16 gauges. The model designation changed to Model 87 after the company was sold in the 80's and new management started production. Later on they started producing it again as the M37. Ithaca's web site has a research area with information on what year a serial numbered weapon was produced. The Featherlight with deep relief engraving I was researching was produced in 1959. They produced everything from field grade, military trench shotguns to high grades, which can be seen selling for as high as 20K.


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Q: Value of Ithaca model 37 feather light?
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