Value of a 1945 Breyer Horse?

Updated: 12/12/2022
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No such thing, Breyer started in 1950.

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Q: Value of a 1945 Breyer Horse?
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When was Breyer horse created?

Breyer horse was created in 1950.

How do you get a breyer horse catalog for 2010?

To get a Breyer catalog for 2010 you either should buy a 2010 Breyer Horse, or search for one on ebay.

Which retailers carry the Breyer Horse Trailer?

Breyer Horse Trailers are toys meant for children. The major retailers for Breyer Horse Trailer are found mostly online. Among them are eBay and Amazon.

Is Banjo a classic Breyer?

Banjo the Breyer Horse is a traditional and he is retired : (

How do you get your horse to be a breyer model?

Only nationally or world-famous horses are made into Breyer models. Once a horse reaches that level, Breyer may choose to consider it :)

What Breyer should you get?

I would suggest a Mare and Foal or a Rare horse and if you have a favorite horse breyer most of the time like 99.9% they will have a hare your looking for. If you have your own horse look for on that looks like your horse. Hoped It Helped On Your Choice On Your New Breyer Horse

How much was the worlds most expensive breyer horse?

The most expensive breyer horse i have bought is 150 $

What is special about Breyer horse accessories?

Breyer horse accessories are well known for their superior quality and detail. Collectors of Breyer model horses use them to compliment their model horses.

Is it ok for breyer horse to be in the snow?

Yes. It would not damage the horse at all unless the snpw is like ice, then the ice could sratch the breyer horse.(:

How old are you who have breyer horses?

From 7 on up is probably a good age to have a breyer horse.

Is there a breyer horse seller in Toronto?

There may be but if there isn't there is loads of breyer to buy on te internet :)

Can you vote on which Breyer Horse is the best?