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Without a first-hand inspection, it's impossible to tell what you have. It could be an impossibly rare mint error, or a coin altered after it left the mint.

I suggest you check out the show list on to see if the ANACS service will be in your area in the near future. If so, you can take your coin to the show and get a free professional appraisal from them.

If not, check out to see if there are any shows in your area, where you could get a first-hand appraisal from a dealer.

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Another possibility

The reversed lettering could indicate that you could have what's called a brockage error. Brockages occur when a coin fails to leave the press and stays in while the next blank is fed in. The first coin then acts like a die, except that it already has positive images on it so they're pressed backwards onto the second coin. Brockage errors can be moderately valuable. For example Jefferson nickel brockages are quoted at roughly $50 retail by MintErrorNews.

However there are also fake brockage errors made by manually hammering a one coin onto another so I'd definitely second Dan's advice to get an in-person appraisal.

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Q: Value of a 1989 nickel with two faces on one side looking opposite direction one face on other side with God We Trust backwards words and letters?
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