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0-500 USD depending on condition.


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Impossible to answer without a detailed description and the serial number.

To determine the exact value of a Browning automatic 20 gauge shotgun made in Belgium, a couple factors would need to be taken into consideration. Some of these things are the age and condition of the shotgun.

Browning did not make the Model 70, Winchester did. Also, the serial number is not a valid Browning serial number for a 7mm Magnum rifle. Please doublecheck your information.

With the serial number 2m-83490,you have a Browning auto-5 standard weight shotgun that was manufactured in Belgium for Browning in the year 1962.The value will range in price from 375-550 dollars,depending on the overall condition of the shotgun and a good bore.

What is the age of a belgium 9mm browning hi power serial number 72c41055

If that is the complete serial number, it was made in 1935. Value is $350-$650.

No way to price a weapon with just the serial number and no description.

You will have to call Browning with the serial number.

No serial number given.

With the serial number that you have supplied,your Browning Sweet sixteen was made in Belgium for Browning in the year 1956.

You did not provide a serial number. You will have to call Browning.

what is the value of my belgium browning serial number 751PP02500 AND is this a limited edition

Call Browning or check the serial number on their website if it is up.

With the serial number L52017,your Browning auto-5 light weight model shotgun was made by FN of Belgium for Browning in the year 1955.

Impossible to answer without a serial number.

your browning sweet-sixteen with the serial number you provided was made by browning in belgium by FN in 1956.

Your browning sweet sixteen was made by FN of belguim for browning in 1966.

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