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Q: Value of schrade USA Will Rogers pocket knife serial WRI00887?
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How do you trace the serial number on a schrade knife?

I have a uncle Henry Schrade + LB7 USA with serial number AV25707 how old is it and what is it worth it is real good shape

Can you Find Swiss pocket watch serial numbers?

Men's pocket watch serial 1009277 how old

How much is my American Waltham pocket watch serial number 8118468 worth?

American Waltham pocket watch serial number 8017000

What is a dennison pocket watch serial number 344699?

Dennison watch serial number is 678354

How much is my lady waltham pocket watch serial no 17177171?

waltham pocket watchserial number 13290396

What year was pocket positive 32 police ctg serial number 152175 made?

Your serial number indicates that your 32 pocket positive was made in the year 1935.

How old is a Colt Pocket Positive 32 serial 82283?

Per ,the Colt pocket positive with that serial number was made in 1917,making it about 92 years old.

How much is your Waltham Pocket Watch worth. It was made between 1892-1895 serial 6133078?

580926 serial no. CWC Co Gold Pocket Watch 1048 SM

What is value of Burlington pocket watch Serial?

4029975 burlington pocket watch 100 years or older what is it worth

What year was the Stevens pocket pistol serial number 39908?

Stevens was in business from 1864-1950. They did not have a "pocket pistol" model, but DID make a "pocket rifle" model from 1869-1916. Am aware of no specific production data based on serial numbers.

What is the Schrade LB7 serial number history?

like most u s a schrade s the lb7 unless a limited run were not #ed i have one i have had since 86 great knves hope this helped also only u s a have any collecter value

I'm wondering what my Elgin Natl Watch co. pocket watch is worth serial?

All 14K gold pocket watch, possibly early 1900's serial # X3873?

What is value of elgin pocket watch serial number 2740069?


Where can i Find serial numbers for colt pocket pistols?


Where the serial number located on a pocket bike?

It should be on the metal frame

Where is serial number on colt pocket 32 ctg?

Check the frame.

How much is an elgin pocket watch serial number S570273?

I would like to know the value of this pocket watch. Thanks

What is the value of Lady Racine Antique Pocket Watch?

what is the value of a lady Racine pocket watch. serial number 1286565

What is the age and value of a model 1884 Waltham pocket watch serial number 3883629?

serial #9019268, #1 oresilver, 15 jewel pocket watch, american waltham watch co.

Who has a serial code for enslave for pocket PC?

The serial code is at the back of youre instructive booklet. its the long numbers on the top.

How much is your 15 jewel elgin pocket watch worth serial?


The value of a Illinois pocket watch serial number 4638076?


What is the age of Colt pocket model 1908 serial number 345953?


How much is my waltham pocket watch serial number 11971983 worth?

$ 600.00

What ammo does your Colt pocket Positive use Serial?

Have it checked out by a good gunsmith.