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Venus is know as being the sister planet of earth

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How is Firestar related to Bluestar and Greystripe in warriors?

greystripe's mate is silverstream,whos father is croockedstar,whos brother is oakheart,whos mate is bluestar,whos sister is snowfur,whos son is whitestorm,whos daughter is sorreltail,whos mate is brackenfur,whos sister is cinderpelt,whos sister is brightheart,whos mate is cloudtail,whos uncle is firestar

Which planet can be seen easiest without a telescope?

Venus can be the brightest planet. Jupiter is the next brightest and can be seen in the middle of the night when the sky is darkest. Venus (whos orbit is closer to the Sun than the Earth orbit) can never be seen at midnight.

Whos planet is 2.8 miles away from the sun?

No planet is THAT close.

Whos won Wimbledon the most Venus Williams or Serena Williams?

Venus has five and Serena has two.

Whos rotational axis is tilted the most with respect to its orbital plane?


Did the goddess Venus have any sons?

Yes. It is Venusa whos father is vovonus.

Whos is the best basketball player on the planet?

Micheal Jordan

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of course, because he had to save the whos' planet that was living on the clover plant! The whos' mayor was talking to him.

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No one really knows whos his favorite sister. My guess is that Hera is his favorite sister, saying that he married her.

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What is the best joke about the planet Saturn?

knock knock whos there? Saturn.. Saturn who? ME!

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Daniel brummer also known as dbrum, brummerman2000, or the washinglady is a stupid guy who likes getting iothers in trouble. his sister is a annoying brat whos name is makayla whos 13. brummers family is crappy and to reach him email him at

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One sister whos also a singer Solange

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Who is the earliest dentist whos name is known and in what country or region did he reside?

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What movie is it about a Russian guy whos out to kill the Russian or German men who killed his family and ate his sister?

Hannibal Rising.

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Try getting a Professional makeup person. You can use for example, your sister, a friend whos a girl, your mom, or try to get a professional at makeup. Also from your sister, a friend whos a girl, or your mom, try to borrow their girlyest clothes. GOOD LUCK!!!! PS: Have her paint your nails with nail polish!

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The Whos of Whoville?

Correct. The Whos live in Whoville

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