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Semi or Tractor Trailer-semi.

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Q: Very large truck - two connected sections - tractor and trailer?
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Why was the tractor trailer invented?

To move large quantities of goods in a single trip.

What is a very large truck with two parts?

A semi, or tractor trailer.(18 Wheeler)

What kind of truck moves mobile homes?

A large semi-tractor that pulls it just like a trailer.

What was the name given to the low carts used for hauling heavy loads?

i think the answer you are looking for is a low-boy trailer. am assuming you mean the large tractor trailer type trailers?

How weigh tractor trailer to get axle weights?

The highway department does it by using scales which are just large enough to accommodate one set of wheels.

A very large truck starting with J?

Juggernaut is a very large truck. It is a semi-trailer truck or a tractor that consists of towing engine. In Canada it is called as a transport truck.

Benefits of a Tractor Trailer?

Many people have considered buying a tractor trailer in recent months, due to the poor economy and the great practicality of such a product. A tractor trailer is essentially a truck that can be used to carry products for long distances. For those looking to start their own business, a tractor trailer can be an essential part of growing that business. A tractor trailer can give any business an immediate independence from rental trucks, which is very attractive. Overall, tractor trailers can save any business thousands of dollars in rental car costs every year. This article will discuss the benefits of purchasing a tractor trailer for a small or large business, as well as tips for buying a tractor trailer for the first time. First off, a tractor trailer will save costs on rental trucks, as mentioned before. Every year, thousands of start up businesses end up spending thousands of dollars having to rent huge trucks to carry products long distances. However, renting such a truck can be very expensive for the business without a flexible budget. Also, it is not always likely a business will be able to rent a truck if there is a high demand for rental trucks. By purchasing a tractor trailer, a business is able to have its own vehicle whenever it needs that vehicle. A business can make last minute deliveries, without having to worry about calling up the rental company and renting a tractor trailer. In addition, a business will be able to save costs in the long run by purchasing a tractor trailer. When buying a tractor trailer, it is a good idea to be resourceful and make comparisons. It is a great idea to check online for good deals on tractor trailers. Many online sites are dedicated to the sale of tractor trailers and provide great deals for businesses looking to purchase such trailers. Also, sometimes one may be able to purchase a tractor trailer from an online auction for a great price. The key to purchasing a tractor trailer from an online auction is to constantly check the auction to make sure no other bidders are beating one's bid out. It is important to also have a fast reaction time when purchasing a tractor trailer from an online auction site like eBay. Overall, these are just some considerations to make when buying a tractor trailer. The benefits are tremendous and will last for years.

Why do large trucks get into collisions when making a wide turn?

Because people try to turn inside the path of the trailer. They don't understand that the trailer is going to follow a different path thru the turn than the tractor. They also don't understand that when a tractor and trailer are in a turn, that the mirrors are absolutely useless to the driver. All he can see in the mirror is the side of the trailer. He cannot see the idiots trying to sneak around him inside the turn.

What is a chain binder used for?

Chain binders are used for controlling a large load usually on something like a tractor trailer truck or large construction equipment but are also sometimes made in smaller sizes.

How many fatal crashes were recorded in Florida in 2004 involving medium and large and tractor trailer trucks?

399 combined fatal crashes in 2004 in the state of Florida.

Why so many tires on a large tractor trailer?

Weight distribution. The better the weight distribution, the less ground pressure that vehicle produces, and the less damaging it is to roadways and bridges.

What is a very large lorry called?

A very large lorry is sometimes referred to as a "heavy-duty truck" or simply a "semi-truck" in the United States. In other countries, it may be called an "articulated lorry" or "tractor-trailer."