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either the monster or the creature

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Frankenstein's creation is referred to as "the creature."

What do you think are frankensteins motives

Robert Walton, Victor Frankenstein, Frankensteins parents, Elizabeth, Henry Clerval, and frankensteins monster

in the lab of Victor Frankenstein

He got really scared of it and then Victor ran away from it.

his lab was in his home town geneva in switzerland

Dr. Frankenstein is the doctor. The monster is simply referred to as the monster.

Victor Frankenstein's brothers were named Ernest Frankenstein and William Frankenstein.

He mainly studied chemistry and other things related to science in his spare time

Frankensteins Monster killed...William his brother, whom of which his mother died whilst giving birth to him, Justine- the maids daughter, his (Victor Frankensteins) father and also is wife- Elizabeth Hope this helps :)

Elizabeth's letter to Victor informs us that Justine's mother called her back because she felt very guilty about giving her to the Frankensteins, and wanted God to know that she was a good mother.

Frankensteins of Fraud was created in 2000.

Frankensteins of Fraud has 386 pages.

Victor Frankenstein is disappointed in the creation of his monster because it is horrible and hideous to the extreme, and he has lost his humanity in its creation and his endless search for immortality.

The only Frankenstein in the story is Dr. Victor von Frankestein. His creation is simply referred to as the monster. Let's examine both though. The "monster" is certainly a hideous, montrous creation. It is death brought back to life. It is nearly mindless. But it is clearly a victim. The creature misunderstands everything, and is misunderstood by everyone. He had no choice in his creation, he is a slave to his thick wittedness and passions. Victor on the other hand can easily be painted as a monster. He can just as easily be painted as a victim. He is the antithesis of his creation. The creature is stupid; victor is brilliant. The creature knows nothing but what he feels; Victor feels nothing but hubris until the creature takes everything away from him. They are yin and yang, not good and evil, just two sides of the same coin. In the end, Victor becomes the victim of his creation, perhaps also of himself. Afterall, if you build a monster it will kill you.

The monster was created by Victor FrankensteinDr. Frankenstein was created by Herr and Fraulein Frankenstein (ask your parents exactly how)The novel was written by Mary Shelley.

In the woods near the town where Victor's family resided.

Victor visit the Valley of Chamounix to clear his mind, it's a place he associated with childhood innocence. "I had visited it frequently during my boyhood" (64). He feels the need to get away from his guilt and from his misery.

His creation does not have a name, although it's usually referred to as the Creature or the "wretched" Monster. The fact that Victor never names him is another sign of Victor's inhumanity and inability to give parental and familial love.

Victor Frankenstein is the scientist, who studies chemistry and is obsessed with the creation of life. Frankenstien later constructs a creature out of body parts and brings it to life. Victor Frankenstein did not name his creatre, it is often known as Frankenstein's Monster or Frankenstein's Creation. Frankenstein calls his creation the "daemon".

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