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The amplitude of a sound wave is the same as its volume.

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The amplitude of a sound wave is the property of the wave whose value leads to the perception of 'loudness' or 'volume' of the sound.

the strength or volume of the sound wave :)

The amplitude of a sound wave is interpreted as volume.

No. The length of a sound wave is it's frequency. Volume will increase the wave's AMPLITUDE.

The amplitude of a sound wave.

You mean by the word 'volume' the intensity of sound wave. Intensity is directly proportional to the square of the amplitude.

What we perceive as the volume of a sound wave is actually a function of the amplitude of the sound at each instant. When the amplitude decreases, so does our perception of the volume and we perceive the sound as quieter.

No. Frequency is related to pitch, and amplitude is related to volume.

You can record the sound wave using a CRO and measure the amplitude. This will give you a volume in decibels.

Wave amplitude is the strong or weak of the wave, like in sound, it would be the volume.

The amplitude of a sound wave is what we perceive as volume. It is the amount of energy "carried" within each period of the wave.

The 'Loudness' of a sound wave is dependent on its Amplitude, hence why we have 'amplifiers' to increase the volume of something.

The greater the amplitude of a sound wave the louder the sound.

Amplitude of the wave decides the loudness Frequency of the wave stands for the pitch of the sound

Amplitude. An increase in this property will result in an increase in volume of the sound.

sound waves can have several different frequencys. (denoting changes in volume mainly.)

The greater the frequency, the greater the pitch.The greater the amplitude, the greater the volume.

A sound wave's pitch is determined by its frequency; that is its cycles per unit of time. The sound wave's intensity or volume is determined by its amplitude; the maximum crest of a sound wave.

The higher the amplitude the higher the volume. bigger sound wave = louder noise.

The practical usage term "volume" stands for the intensity of sound waves. Intensity in turn depends on the amplitude. Intensity is proportional to the square of the amplitude of the sound wave.

Sound energy density or sound density is the sound energy per unit volume (according to Wikipedia).

Difference in air pressure between the minimum and maximum pressures of the wave.

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