Volvo seat belt?

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All Volvo cars have seat belt. Volvo invented the three point seat belt and has used it ever since.

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Q: Volvo seat belt?
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Who discovered the first seat belt of a car?


Seat belt extenders for 1987 Volvo 740?

They may still be available from your Volvo dealer. There is no charge for them.

How do you turn off the Seat Belt light on a 2004 Volvo V40?

under the seat look for the plug and un plug it

What year did seat belts appear in cars?

It was the first modern seat belt that was put in cars by Volvo in 1959-1960

Will Volvo v40 seats 1999 fit a 1998 s40?

Sure.Just reinstall the seat belt on back.

Is seat belt one word or two?

Seat Belt is 2 Words but its Seat-Belt.

How do you unlock a seat belt retractor on a Volvo?

If you have had to lower the rear seat in order to make more room and then found that the seat belt was locked when you tried to raise the seat then try this; Trace the seat belt back to the point that it is anchored in with a bolt and undo the bolt (using a ratchet is the easiest way due to not having much space) then raise the seat back to the uprght locked position and the seat belt should free itself. Good luck! Once you do this and before you let it down again, go to the dealer and get a replacement seat belt stop pin and replace the missing one. If yo look close you will see the hole where the missing pin used to be.

Why does your seat belt dinger come on while you have your seat belt latched?

Make sure you are not latching it into the buckle for the middle seat belt.

V70 Volvo rear seat stuck how to fix?

Volvo v70 rear seat can't fold flat

What is the Seat Belt Law?

a seat belt law is a law of the road

How do you shut off seat belt alarm?

put your seat belt on

How do you turn off the seat belt light?

wear a seat belt.

Where is the seat belt sensor on 1998 Toyota?

Seat belt cilker.

Who would you check for when inspecting seat belt on a forklift?

Damage to the belt itself, proper operation of all seat belt components, proper adjustment of seat belt.

Does the back seat passenger have to wear a seat belt?

Yes everyone in a car has to wear a seat belt.

When were seatbelts first made?

Volvo had the first safety belts in 1849. But then Nils Bohlin invented the three-point seat belt - not the first but the modern seatbelt - now a standard safety device in most cars. Nils Bohlin's lap-and-shoulder belt was introduced by Volvo in 1959.

Dog restraint stuck in Volvo s40 belt buckle?

We have a v40 and recently tried to buy a restraint that clipped directly into the buckle of the seatbelt. I was about to pay for the device when I noticed on the back the warning "not suitable for Volvo cars". Every other buckle restraint we checked had the same warning. Apparently Volvo in their wisdom have differing seat plugs on their seat belts.

How do you deactivate the seat belt chime in a 2007 Impala?

Put your seat belt on:)

What does a seat belt do in a car?

A seat belt protects the passengers when you have a car accident.

How do you disable seat belt alram on 2008 ford?

Put on your seat belt.

How do you unlock seat belt retractor for a GMC Jimmy?

Pull the vinyl cover off of the seat belt, then roll the seat belt back on the roller.

How do you disable the seat belt buzzer on a Honda Odyssey?

The easy solution is to buy extra seat belt clips that fit your seat belt mechanism from a junkyard. Put these in whenever you don't want to use the seat belt.

If the seatbelt fuse blows on a 94 madza truck will it affect the seat belt?

No, blowing the seat belt fuse on the 1994 Mazda truck will not affect how the seat belt works. It will cause the seat belt light to remain off even when the belt is not buckled.

Why is the seat belt on my Pt cruiser stuck?

One reason the seat belt on your PT Cruiser is stuck is that there is a twist in the belt. The mechanism that retracts the seat belt may be jammed or broken.

How do you disable the seat belt chime for 2005 dodge ram?

Buckle the seat belt around the back of the seat