Vous avez des jolie yeux plus correct spelling?

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vous avez des beaux yeux (is more usual)
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Yeux de loup?

It's French for 'wolf's eyes' - it means looking at someone as if they were a prey.

What does 'attente de vous' translate to?

Answer #1 . I believe it means, "pay attention.". Answer #2 . The phrase 'attente de vous' means looking forward [or waiting to seeing] you . In the word-by-word translation, the noun 'attente' means 'wait'. The preposition 'de' means 'from, of'. The personal pronoun 'vous' means 'you'.

What does 'Ennuyez-vous de vous' mean?

The question 'Ennuyez-vous de vous' means Are you bored with, tired of yourself ? In the word-by-word translation, the verb 'ennuyez' is in the second person plural, and therefore means '[you all] are bored, tired'. The personal pronoun 'vous' means 'you'. The preposition 'de' means 'from, of'.

What is 'gentil de vous rencontrer' in English?

Nice to meet you is an English equivalent of 'gentil de vous rencontrer'. The words in French are pronounced 'jawn-tee duh voo rawn-kohn-treh'. In the word by word translation, the adjective 'gentil' means 'nice, kind'. The preposition 'de' means 'of'. The personal pronoun 'vous' means 'you' ( Full Answer )

What is un description par apport a l'approche d'exploitationfacons de generer l'electriciter dont vous avez choisi le petrole?

une description par rapport à l'approche de l'exploitation des façons de générer de l'électricité dont vous avez choisi le petrole. A description in relation to the approach of exploitation of the ways to generate électricity of which you have chosen oil.. The sentence in itse ( Full Answer )

What are the different ways to spell jolie?

The ways to spell it are jolee, jolie, joeley, joley, joleigh, joelie, joelee, joeleigh, Jo-Lee, there are probably more, but these are probably only some of them, and my favorite is Jolee, but i think thats just because thats my name :)

Combein de soeurs freres avez vous?

I think you mean "Combien" and not "Combein." It means "How many brothers or sisters do you have" (as a rough translation) and to respond you say "J'ai ____ frères et sœurs. (I have ____ brothers and sisters"

What is 'Prendre soin de vous' in English?

Take care of yourself is an English equivalent of 'Prendre soin de vous'. The words in French are pronounced 'prawn-druh swehn duh voo'. In the word by word translation, the infinitive 'prendre' means 'to take'. The masculine gender noun 'soin' means 'care'. The preposition 'de' means 'of'.

What is vous etes vraiment jolie?

\nYou are really pretty. The "you" would be referring to a female person, because jolie is in the feminine-agreement form.\n. \nWord-by-word, vous=You (The other meaning being y'all), êtes=are, vraiment=really, joli(e)(s)=pretty.

Que vous avez demande?

The French phrase que vous avez démandé means "what you have asked", "that you asked", or "what you requested".

Sur qui d'autre jetteriez-vous les yeux?

Sur qui d'autre jetteriez-vous les yeux ? Depending on the context, a good translation might be Who else would you lay eyes on? or Who else would you be checking out? etc.

What does vous avez mean in English?

You have, formally. Tu as is informal. the verb you are using is avoir, which means to have. J'ai - I have Tu as - You (informal) have Il/Elle/on a - He/She/one has Nous allons - We have Vous avez - You (formal)/ y'all have Illes/Elles ont - They have Direct translation would be "y ( Full Answer )

De quelle couleur sont tes yeux?

"what colour are your eyes" is translated "de quelle couleur sont tes yeux ?" in French. avoir les yeux bleus: to have blue eyes j'ai les yeux marrons : les yeux noisette : I have brown eyes / hazelnut eyes

Vouz avez le livre de francais?

First off, it's vous, and second, why would you ask that without asking someone in particular?

Avoir les yeux plus gros que le ventre?

literally: 'to have one's eyes bigger than one's belly' - that means one wanted too much of something, so much that he could not handle it - or obtain it - afterwards

What does a vous de meme mean in french?

"To you, the same" roughly... The French tend to say "A vous de même" when Americans would say "You, too" in the following situation: Have a great day! You, too! Passez une bonne journée! A vous de même!

What is the French phrase 'Vous avez' in English?

" You have " is an English equivalent of the French phrase " Vous avez ." Specifically, the personal pronoun " vous " means "(formal singular, informal plural) you." The verb " avez " means "(you) are having, do have, have." The pronunciation is "voo-zah-veh."

Does avez vous take hiphen?

Vous avez means "You have". Saying Avez-vous would be hiphenated if you are asking a question formally. For instance: Vous avez une voiture grise - You have a grey car. Avez-vous une voiture grise? - Do you have a grey car?

What does de rien jolie mome mean?

"you're welcome, love", talking to a girl. "de rien" is exactly like Spanish "de nada", "jolie" means "beautiful" (feminine form), "môme" means girl or boy, but there is never any "joli môme" for boys.

What does Quand avez-vous dire qu'on vous à Lagos?

It does not mean anything in French, probably the result of a bad autotranslation engine, in which case the original sentence (in Portuguese?) would help. "Quand avez-vous" = "When did you" "dire" = "(to) say" "qu'on vous" = "that they (...) to you" "à Lagos" = "in Lagos"

What does the French expression 'avez vous l'appoint' mean?

"Avez-vous l'appoint ?" means "do you have the (smaller) money".This is a question heard when a seller asks you if you could paythe exact amount, without him having to give you anything back. Avoir l'appoint: to have the exact sum, not an approximative one. Faire l'appoint: to give the extra cents o ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Loin des yeux - 1996?

The cast of Loin des yeux - 1996 includes: Christian Brendel as Alfred de Luigi Nicole Croisille as Madame Ramuz Patrick Floersheim as Salvy Catherine Gandois as Catherine Nicole Jamet as Anne Forrester Philippe Ledern as Paul