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What is the national pantone colours of the Springbok jersey?

Springbok jersey green is close to R 40 G 70 B 50

What are the PMS numbers for Notre Dame's colors?

The official colors for products the University employs are the following: Navy Blue (Pantone 289), Gold (Pantone 116), metallic Gold (Pantone 872), Green (Pantone 347).

What is the pantone color for Vegas gold?

The Pantone color for Vegas Gold is 467C. There is an alternative Pantone color for Vegas Gold that is 7502C.

What are National colours of Australia?

The national colours of Australia are green and gold.

Which plant does Australia get its green and gold colours from?

Australia's official national colours of Green and Gold were determined from the colours of our national floral emblem, the Golden Wattle (Acacia pycnantha). The Golden wattle features green leaves and yellow-gold flowers.

What are the jamaican flag colours?

black, green ,and gold.

What colours do Jamaica's flag have?

gold, black and green

What are the Australian colors?

The Australian colours are green and gold.

Pantone colors for usc trojans?

School colors of USC are cardinal red and gold.

What is the Pantone number for LA Lakers purple?

Official Colors: Purple (Pantone 526) and Gold (Pantone 123)

What is ral reference for pantone 142?

The RAL reference for Pantone 142 is RAL 1003. Pantone 142 is a medium gold, while RAL 1003 is an orange-gold, which is the closest shade.

Why are Australia's national colors green and gold?

Australia's National colours are not blue and gold. Blue and gold are Australia's "heraldic colours", being the colours of the wreath in Australia's coat of arms. Further, blue and gold were selected as the colours of the ribbon of the Order of Australia in 1975. Australia's official National (and unofficial sporting) colours are Green and Gold, the colours of our national emblem, the Golden Wattle. These were established in a proclamation by Sir Ninian Stephen, the Governor-General of Australia on 19 April 1984.