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What is hydrothermal scheduling?

according to the variable load demand which generating unit is kept to be on , is most economical to satisfy particular load demand is call optimal scheduling.

What is a sentence for hydrothermal?

Hydrothermal power requires a suitable hot spring.

Is hydrothermal energy the same as hydroelectric energy?

No. Hydroelectric power is any power coming from water, usually from its movement, but also from its heat (thermal). Hydrothermal power is power generated only from the temperature of the water (hot springs, ocean thermal, geothermal).

What has the author Julius Bolarinwa Oso written?

Julius Bolarinwa Oso has written: 'Modeling, simulation, and economic control of generalized hydrothermal power systems' -- subject(s): Hydrothermal electric power systems

What are the disadvantage of hydrothermal?

The word hydrothermal pertains to the action of heated water or gases within the surface of the earth. Some of its disadvantages are: accessibility, permance, power generated and energy transportation.

How do you describe the differences between short term medium term and long term sheduling?

This is a question that can only really be answered by opinions but examples of these are: short term can be like daily scheduling medium term can be like weekly scheduling long term can be like monthly and yearly scheduling

What has the author M Shahidehpour written?

M. Shahidehpour has written: 'Maintenance scheduling in restructured power systems' -- subject(s): Electric power systems, Maintenance and repair, Production scheduling

What is hydrothermal vein made up of?

Precipitated hydrothermal minerals.

What are some examples of hydrothermal energy sources?

power plantAnswerpower plant Hoover Dam

What does hydrothermal mean?

Hydrothermal refers to heated (thermal) water (hydro).

What is the origin on most hydrothermal solutions?

Hydrothermal solutions are found in oceans

What do hydrothermal vents look like?

Type your answer here... what do Hydrothermal Vents look like