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Drums were the main instrument used in singing, dances and celebrations, as well as at religious ceremonies.

Flutes made from elderberry stems with six finger holes were also produced and were a favourite among the tribe; whistles of bone (particularly eagle bone) were used by warriors for protection in battle.

Before the 1800s a type of rasp made from a serrated stick scraped with a bone was used instead of the drum, but by the early 1800s drums were widely used instead. The drums used in ceremonies gradually got bigger and bigger, until by the 1890s they were large enough for 8 drummers to sit around.

Nez Perce shamans used rattles of deer hooves tied to a stick, later replaced by small bells obtained in trade.

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What was a weapon that Nez Perce Indians used?

The Nez Perce used atlatals, which were a kind of spear hurling device.

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What kind of food did the nez perce eat?

The Nez Perce Indians ate things made of corn flour and wheat flour. They also ate small game and deer, elk, and buffalo when possible.

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im the one who is asking and now im the one who is answering. what kind of website is this

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What kind of housing did the nez perce use?


What kind of clothing did the nez perce wear?

The Nez Perce Native Americans wore Cedar bark and animal skins.

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What kind of government did the nez perce have?

dont ask me i dont now

What kind of instruments are piano and harp?

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What did the nez perce grew?

The Nez Perce were not farmers and grew no crops of any kind. They were hunters and gatherers, depending entirely on wild animals and plants for food.

What instruments did the Egyptians have?

Lute This lute is a plucked string instrument with a half-pear-shaped body consisting of a small oblong sound box, or resonator, and a long neck. Musical Instruments Child's Musical Instrument This rattle is made of wood. Once a symbol of the gods, it is now a popular children's musical instrument. Musical Instruments Cylindrical Musical Instrument A musical instrument that is almost cylindrical and is composed of two parts, each of which is hollow. It has a short handle, as big as the palm of the hand. Musical Instruments Double-Headed Hathor Sistrum The sistrum was one of the important instruments and amulets that accompanied the deceased in the hereafter. It was a symbol of the goddess Hathor. This sistrum amulet, in the shape of a miniature column, is one of the finest examples made of faience so far found in Egypt. The handle is surmounted by double heads of the goddess Hathor who has an almost human face, but cow's ears. Musical Instruments Hollow Ball Type of Musical Instrument The wooden musical instrument is made of two concave parts that form a hollow ball with a grip when closed. Inside the ball are small pieces of a solid material, which give a musical sound when shaken. Musical Instruments Musical Instrument This wooden musical instrument is in two parts. The main part is a kind of long curved stick to which strings might be attached. The second element of the instrument is a rounded wooden bow, that was used to make music on the strings. Musical Instruments One Pair of Castanets One pair of castanets, or musical instruments, made of ivory and in the shape of human hands, depicts bearded Asiatics. Musical Instruments Pair of Castanets This pair of castanets is shaped like human arms wearing bracelets. They are inscribed with the names of Queen Tiye and Princess Meritaten, who was Tutankhamun's sister-in-law. Musical Instruments Pair of Cymbals The model of these cymbals is visibly different from other models. The rims of these cymbals are relatively larger and the central calotte is less convex than that of other instruments, which is the reason they produce a muffled sound. Musical Instruments Pair of Cymbals with Concentric Circles The role of the sound of the cymbals used in Egyptian temples was to please the gods and to repel evil spirits. The rims of the cymbals are relatively large in comparison with the central calotte. The external surface is decorated with many concentric circles, while the internal surface is undecorated. Musical Instruments Sistrum with The Dwarf God Bes A large and richly decorated sistrum. The traditional and principal decoration is the double head of the goddess Hathor surmounted by an arch. On each side of the head of Hathor is a uraeus; one wears the crown of Upper Egypt and the other the crown of Lower Egypt. The handle of the sistrum is decorated with a representation of the dwarf god Bes, god of joy. Musical Instruments Sistrum with a Double-Headed Hathor The sistrum is a small one, decorated with a double head of the goddess Hathor surmounted by an arch. Each side of the head is decorated with a uraeus. In Egyptian temples, the priestesses held the sistra and shook them to produce musical sounds that would please the gods, in line with Egyptian beliefs. Musical Instruments Skin of a Tambourine The tambourine is decorated with musical scenes and with an engraved inscription: "Isis the Mistress of the Sky." Musical Instruments Square-Based Bell The bell has a square base and four faces, in the shape of the top of an obelisk. It has a small handle, by which it could be suspended, and a clapper. The bell was considered in Ancient Egypt to be an idiophone musical instrument and were particularly associated with worship in the temples. Musical Instruments Stringed Musical Instrument Stringed musical instrument found with no string on it. This instrument resembles the guitar yet it has no wooden machine heads that are used to tie up the strings. Musical Instruments Three Music Instruments Three musical instruments made of bronze, two are in the form of disks, while the third was used as a percussion instrument to give the rhythm for dancing. The two disks are decorated by geometrical designs while the third piece is devoid of decoration. Musical Instruments Toy or Musical Instrument The musical instrument or children's toy consists of a rectangular carved piece of wood with a hollowed and decorated handle. Musical Instruments Tutankhamun's Trumpet Tutankhamun's trumpet is one of three known trumpets preserved from ancient Egypt. It is made of metal sheets covered with gold. Musical Instruments Two Rattles The rattles are made from a bundle of very fine sticks of plaited rush tied with a spiral string. All the sticks have hollow balls on the upper end, which contain objects that make a noise when they are shaken. Musical Instruments Wooden Musical Instrument This musical instrument for children is made of two small pieces of wood suspended on cords from a long handle.