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Geckos are quickly becoming endangered due to their use for medicinal purposes. They have been used to treat Asthma and have falsely been rumored to cure everything from AIDS to cancer.

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Q: WHAT are the medicinal value of tokay geckos?
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Are tokay Geckos have medicinal value?

No this is just a Middle eastern myth. They are not an aphrodisiac or a cure to AIDS/HIV

Where do tokay geckos live?

Tokay geckos are native to North Eastern Asia. Including: Vietnam, Malyasia, Indonesia.

Can Chinese water dragons live with tokay geckos?

The Chinese water dragons cannot live with the Tokay geckos because they will feast on them.

Are tokay geckos mean?

Tokay geckos are known to be the "pitbull" of the gecko family. They tend to be very territorial and aggressive, although can be hand tamed.

Can a tokay kill a bearded dragon?

No, Tokay Geckos may be more violent but Bearded Dragons are bigger.

Is the Tokay geckos can cure HIV or any sick?

It's a Hoax..

When does a Tokay Gecko bark?

A tokay geckos natural instinct is to defend one's self. A tokay will bark to ward off predators, call a mate, stress, or simple exhaustion.

How do you indentify tokay gecko gender?

Tokay geckos do not show the hemiphorical bulges like leopard geckos or cresteds. males have pores (as do all male geckos but they usually have a bulge) that are lining their "vents" these pores are where the male anatomy is contained. Pores are darker coloured spots along the geckos vent.

Do tokay geckos like being held?

Tokay geckos are one of the most aggressive gecko species. They're often reffered as the pitbull of the gecko world. These animals do not enjoy handling. Your presence is enough to startle this species.

Do tokay geckos like to be held?

Some can be tamed, maybe if you got it young enough. But short answer, no. Tokay's are notorious for being rather nasty tempered.

How many Tokay geckos can you put in a 20 gallon tank?

I would only keep one Tokay per tank, especially a male. They can be highly territorial.

Is Tokay gecko fast or slow?

Yes. The tokay geckos primary form of defense is its agile speed and ability to scale vertical surfaces. if that doesn't work, they will bark and bite.