WHERE did chris beat up rihanna?

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In his car with an umbrella while driving to the award wining program.
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Why did Chris Brown beat up Rihanna?

No one knows why he did it; that information wont be released untilthey cleared up in court. The only people that know right now arethe people involved.

Did Chris Brown beat up Rihanna?

Yes he beat up Rihanna and has charges. Because it is said thatRihanna got him mad. Yes, yes he did. He beat her a couple times actually. If you lookup on Google.com images a

Why did chris brow beat up Rihanna?

Rihanna got scared in the car so she threw the keys out of the window when chris tried to drive off. And he had to go get them. and when he came back he was really angry and h

What did Rihanna do to make chris beat her up?

i think it was something to do with her giving him herpies. but im not quite sure, that's just a rumor i heard. That's a Rumor!! Lmao... but apparently they something about

Is it a rumor that chris beat Rihanna up?

No, it is not a rumor that Chris Beat Up Rihanna. The night of the Award Shows, Chris and Rihanna were seen and heard fighting. Later that night, Chris was seen leaving in his

Why did chris beat rihanna up?

Yes, Chris Brown thought Rhinna was cheating on him, (which she totally wasnt) so he lost his temper and he hit her and screamed at her.

Rihanna beat up by Chris Brown?

He beat her up because she hit him first. He got a call from a girl saying meet me later and Rihanna got mad and slapped him so he punched her in the face, like that's how he
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What did Rihanna do for Chris Brown to beat her up?

Rihanna was invading Chris Brown's privacy on his phone and Rihanna saw a text message and they started arguing and Rihanna started slapping Chris Brown and Chris Brown snappe
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What did Chris Brown beat rihanna up for?

He beat her up because she kept on pestering him when he got a text from his ex. And if someone keeps on talking, asking you quetions then you would get annoyed. And chris bro