WHY is the US so wealthy?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: WHY is the US so wealthy?
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Why was the kingdom of Songhai so wealthy?

They were so wealthy because of their trading routes

Why is a doctor better than a doctor?

this adage health is wealth so doctors make us healthy to be wealthy

Who actually contols the US government?

The wealthy.

Is Tunisia wealthy?

No, Tunisia isn't wealthy. The GDP per capita of Tunisia is 3979.42 US dollars in 2013.

Who is the US wealthy person and how weaithy is he or her?

Bill gates.

Why are there so many millionaires in the US?

The US is an economically successful nation, which has enjoyed the benefits of great natural resources, technological innovation, and the free market, all of which have contributed to the number of wealthy people in the US.

How wealthy is geread way?

Well he is skinny so what do you think. He's a wealthy teen.

Is Australia Wealthy and why if so?

Australia is fairly wealthy for a country of its size because of its huge deposit of minerals such as gold and uranium. It also exports a fairly large amount of meats and crops.I want to know the wealth in US dollars

How is education in Madagascar different from the US?

They are different because they are a little more wealthy in the US

How did Carolina planters become so wealthy?

They became so wealthy by growing tobacco in the Carolinas and bringing it back to England and selling it

What wealthy tycoon was the host of The Apprentice in the US?

Donald Trump

Who is the least wealthy member of the US Congress?

Joe Walsh