WWE superstar John Cena is he MARRIED?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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No, John Cena is NOT Married. But I am not sure if he has a girlfriend or not but I don't think he does.

U, are right John Cena is not Married. But has a awesome Girlfriend and she lives in the UK.

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Q: WWE superstar John Cena is he MARRIED?
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Did WWE superstar john cena is married?


Does john cena WWE superstar have kids?

No . John Cena does not have any children but he is married.

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john cena

Who is best superstar in WWE?

John Cena

Is WWE superstar John Cena dead?


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Is WWE Superstar Chris Jericho married?

chris is married to john cena and they are excpecting there first set of triplets

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mark Henry is the strongest wwe superstarthe strongest wwe superstar is really the undertaker and john cena

How old is WWE superstar john Cena?

John Cena is 34 he was born in 1976

What is john cena's real name the WWE superstar?

His real name is John Cena

Is WWE superstar john Cena a dad?

no he is not a dad

Who was the very first WWE superstar?

John cena