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No, John Cena is NOT Married. But I am not sure if he has a girlfriend or not but I don't think he does.

U, are right John Cena is not Married. But has a awesome Girlfriend and she lives in the UK.

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Does john cena WWE superstar have kids?

No . John Cena does not have any children but he is married.

Is WWE Superstar Chris Jericho married?

chris is married to john cena and they are excpecting there first set of triplets

Who is the strongest WWE superstar?

mark Henry is the strongest wwe superstarthe strongest wwe superstar is really the undertaker and john cena

How old is WWE superstar john Cena?

John Cena is 34 he was born in 1976

Who is john Anthony Felix cena?

He is a WWE superstar.

Who is WWE 2009 superstar of the year?

John Cena is the 2009 Superstar Of The Year

Does the WWE superstar John Cena have kids?


Is wwe superstar john cena rehire?

John Cena has been officially rehired, yes.

Who will win John Cena or you?

john cena but he would maybe break my leg and he is a trained wwe superstar

What is future of John Cena in WWE?

best future ever he will be the best superstar john cena rocks

Was any WWE superstar in the marines before they were a WWE superstar?

john cena randy orton the miz and chris jerhico

Is WWE superstar john cena single?

No he is not. He is married and has 1 child No John Cena is NOT Married and he has NO children how ever he has a Girlfriend in the uk. Above is totally a lie. John Cena is currently married to a women named Elizabeth, there is wedding photos on Google.com if you like to check it out but what is right is that they have no children.

John Cena religon?

John Cena is Cathlic.

What is the average salary for a WWE superstar?

why does it really matter john cena

Who is the most favorite WWE superstar?

undertaker, John Cena and the Rock!

What is WWE Superstar John Cena MySpace?

WWE Superstar John Cena does not have an official MySpace, Facebook, Twitter etc. page.The only way to contact him would be through the WWE directly.For more information on contacting a WWE Superstar please click the link on the ' Related Links ' section.

Who do you think is the most popular WWE superstar?

the undertaker and john cena (though cena doesn't deserve it)

Who makes more money in Wwe?

It dependz on how much fanz does a superstar have. Like John Cena and Randy Orton.

Who is the best WWE superstar and why?

the best wwe superstar is john cena, triple h, the rock, stone cold Steve ostin. tell me what you think :] :] :]

Where was WWE superstar john cena born?

John Cena was born in Westnewbury, Massachuts {i dont know how to spell Massachuts, im not american}

Are Randy Orton and John Cena Best Friends?

no John Cena think's that Randy Orten is the worse superstar on WWE and Randy Orten wrestle's John Cena alot because he hate's John Cena

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