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Yes he is! There are 77 ways to get him. [That's clearly fake.]


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No,it is impossible to get Waluigi in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS.

unless you are cheat there is no such thing as waluigi in this game

No, there is no Super Mario 64 DS for the Wii. Super Mario Bros. 64 DS, as the name implies, is a remake of Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo DS.

Super Mario 64 DS came out in 2004

Waluigi does not exist in Super Mario 64 DS.

Super Mario 64 stars=120 (N64) Super Mario 64 Ds stars=150 (DS)

play super mario 64 ds now

You can't actually be waluigi in Super Mario 64 DS.

how do you get waluigi in super mario ds

There are no Mini Mushrooms in Super Mario 64 DS. Only, I think in Mario Kart DS.

There is actually not a blue ! switch for Super Mario 64 ds for the Nintendo DS!

There is a total of 150 stars on Super Mario 64 DS.

How to get Waluigi in Super Mario 64 DS

you cant.only in super Mario 64&super Mario 64 ds.

what one Mario 64 ds or Mario 64 nes

Link is not a character in Super Mario 64 DS. The available characters are Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, and Wario.

Waluigi is not in Super Mario 64 DS. Only Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, and Wario are playable.

There is no "Purple Rabbit" in Super Mario 64 DS. There are shiny ones however.

There's 150 power stars in Super Mario 64 DS.

Unless hacked into game, Waluigi cannot be played in Super Mario 64, or Super Mario 64 DS

There are no power flowers in Super Mario 64. However, I do not if they exist in Super Mario 64 DS.

No, there is no way to get him in Super Mario 64. You can get him easily in Super Mario 64 DS though.

Boshi is not in super Mario 64 ds but rumor has it boshi might return becase the only game he was in was super Mario RPG

You cannot unlock Waluigi as a playable character, or for anything, in Super Mario 64 DS.

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