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Answer this question...yes I love Uk girl.

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yes she can

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Q: Want marry a Muslim UK girl?
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Can uk gir marry with pakistani boys?

i am 22 year old mane i want uk girl for marry

You are Pakistani girl and want to marry Pakistani with UK nationality can you come to UK with visitor visa and then marry in UK?

why should you not marry a Pakistani male like me well set in islamabad. contact on

Can an illegal marry a polish girl in UK?

yea u can marry

Do you have to get a divorce in England to marry a Muslim in Algeria?

Assuming that you have a legal heterosexual marriage in the UK (that has government certification), that marriage will be recognized in Algeria. As a result, in order to marry an Algerian, you will need to get a divorce. If you have a same-sex marriage in the UK, you will not need to get a divorce in the UK to marry the Muslim in Algeria, but that marriage will not be recognized in the UK (because you would now be married to two people contemporaneously). If you are not married in the UK, then, obviously, you will not need a divorce to get married.

Can someone marry with Romanian national girl to get legal stay in UK?

Yes, if you are a citizen of UK.

Could a girl marry when aged 12 in the UK in 1903?


Can you marry a girl from the states in UK?

Yes. Such a marriage, if conducted legally under the laws of the UK, is recognized anywhere.

Iam from Pakistan you want to marry someone in UK and want to settle thete permantly?

.is that a question????.

Will a indian guy will get a citizenship if he marry with a uk girl . and is it possible to get a visa for a visit from uk citizen to a inidian?

Yes, they are both possible.

Can I marry a girl on UK visit visa?

You can, but only if you acquire a Marriage Visitor visa, which will allow you to stay 6 months in the UK.

Does any girl from the UK want my number?


How can a US Navy member marry a UK citizen?

To marry a native national, you will need to obtain written permission from your direct supervisor or commander.