Interfaith Marriage

Interfaith marriage refers to a marriage between persons of two different faiths, or between two denominations of the same faith (also called an interdenominational marriage). Some faiths prohibit members from marrying outside of their religion and some require special permission and/or a promise concerning which faith the couple's children will be raised in. In some denominations, those who marry outsiders are stigmatized or even shunned.

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Interfaith Marriage

Can a Hindu boy marry a Muslim girl?

There are two answers to this question. First of the laws of Western countries and India recognise a marriage between a Muslim girl and a Hindu boy. India has different Marriage Acts for different groups, and the Special Marriages Act is the relevant Act to be married under in this case.

There are also the religious rules to to be considered. Hinduism allows a Hindu boy to marry a Muslim girl, but in Islam a Muslim girl shold not marry outside her religion. There are several options, depending on the strengths of your beliefs and your social and national circumstances: the Hindu boy marries the Muslim girl and each continues in the religion of birth; the Muslim girl converts to Hinduism; the Hindu boy converts to Islam; the girl remains nominally Muslim but ceases to practise her religion

Interfaith Marriage

Can a Jewish man marry a Christian woman?

No, but he does anyway.

Interfaith Marriage

Can a parsi girl marry a Muslim boy?

According to religious girls are not allowed to marry Muslim guys. Muslims follow very strict rules themselves and so is the case for Parsis.

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Interfaith Marriage

If you are not a Muslim and want to marry a Muslim girl must you convert and accept Islam as your religion?

Yes, the Muslim girl; per Islam rules and teachings; must get married only to a Muslim man or to a man who converted sincerely to Islam.

Answer 1

Yes indeed for it is not permissible in Islam for Muslim women to marry men from among religions other than Islam. This is due to the fact that basic nature implies for children to naturally adopt the religion of their father, and it would be Islamic-ally incorrect to take place. Allah in His infinite wisdom knows the best. So any man who wants to be entitled to marry a Muslim girl per Islam rules and teachings will have to convert to Islam himself first. This way, the next generation will also be Muslims by birth, the religion of their parents.

However, I have some advice for you. Don't convert to Islam for this sole purpose; learn Islam well & you'll like it & accept it by both your mind & heart as it's a great religion not because I'm Muslim but this is the truth. The convert should not do it just to be able to marry the Muslim girl but should do it with full faith and true belief in Islam.

Answer 2: Longer Discussion

It is forbidden for a non Muslim to marry a Muslim girl for such marriages are void in the eyes of Allah and the woman will live a life like she is an adulteress and she will be void of blessings from Allah and gain his anger and wrath for the rest of her life. Is it really worth it? Are we here in this life to do as we please? Or are we created to please the one who gave us life in the first place? Does he not know what is best for us? Then surely whatever He commands is the best for us.

The reason for forbidding a Muslim woman from marrying a non-Muslim man is that a Christian or a Jewish man believes only in his prophets, and doesn't believe in the Prophet Mohamed or any of the other Prophets. An atheist wouldn't believe in either and therefore the children will grow up confused as to who they really are and what they believe as there will be no clarity in their belief and this will be blamed on the Muslim women who knew the consequences but just thought of her own happiness rather than the Islamic upbringing of her children as well as in her own life because if she will marry a non Muslim man yes he may not physically stop her from practising but it will certainly have a detrimental affect on her life as a practising Muslim woman.

For example, when this Muslim woman tries to teach her kids to love and respect all prophets and believe in all of them, her non-Muslim husband will not agree, because he believes only in his prophet or no prophet at all. He may interfere in the way she raises her kids, and prevent her from raising them in an Islamic way. And here comes the real problem, because she will have only two options, whether she leaves the whole thing as it is, and does nothing about it -which will be an insult to her religion- or she argues about the matter, and this will surely lead to marital problems.

I myself have known MANY children who were born from parents who had either a Muslim father and non Muslim wife or Muslim wife and non Muslim father and the children grow up not knowing what they are.

I met so many of these people who told me they were either half Muslim (You are either a full Muslim or you are not at all) or that they don't know what they are and were confused. Most likely because their parents didn't care. They certainly will care in the hereafter when it hits them so hard that they will be ruined. Let us not have children who are confused about what they are because we are here to implement Islam and raise our children and future generations of Muslims who implement Islam but if we are ignorant and selfish and just think about what we feel will give us happiness then we will ruin our own and our children's' lives in this world and the next.

Most of the time a Muslim woman may come across a Non Muslim man either through work or through their own non Muslim female friends, and if they spend time with that person and get to know them then inevitably feelings may arise because a man and a women are created to be attracted to each other chemically and biologically.

So first it is haraam to mix with a non mahram in the first place for both a man and a woman and then secondly when feelings do develop then one cannot say "Oh you can't help who you fall in love with", because why did you get to know that person in the first place? No one forced you to get to know him. You got to know him voluntarily and you could have easily stopped yourself but you didn't and allowed your feelings to develop for him. The two end up believing that they cannot be without each other through the deception of Satan and end up being together and have a life void of blessings and happiness and will certainly regret it if not in this world then the hereafter because Allah may punish someone either in this world or the next but usually both. Don't be deceived because you will not live a happy life gaining the anger of Allah and going against his commandments.

One has to decide is it really worth wasting the precious life that one has to gain the anger and wrath of Allah just for what they feel will be their happiness? How long will this dream and deception last for you? How do you know you will be happy for the rest of your life with that person? Many of these things end in tragedy and it is certainly not worth spending ones life void of blessings from Allah and living a life like an adulteress because then that person's hereafter is ruined and we only have one chance to work for our hereafter so let's not ruin it. Whatever way Allah wants us to live is the best for us in every way because we are just human; we do not know what is best and Allah also mentions this in the Qur'an.

She has to realise that if she goes ahead and marries the Non Muslim man then she has sacrificed her faith for the rest of her life and she will have gained Allah's anger and wrath for the rest of her life because she will live a life like an adulteress and the reason is that such marriages are void and NOT accepted in Islam at all.

So let us do things the right way in the way which Allah wants but if we choose to do the opposite then we can only blame ourselves for the rest of eternity and trust me we would NEVER want to do that. May Allah guide us to the straight path and give us good Muslim partners whom we can gain the pleasure of Allah with and raise good Muslim children.,

Interfaith Marriage

How does a Christian marry a Jew and raise her kids Christian without compromising Jewish traditions?

  • I would say you cannot. Jews do not believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah. Also, the New Testament in essence wiped out the old law in the Old Testament that Jews still follow. Kosher food for example.
  • It's not really that hard. Celebrate both holidays and make sure that they are educated on both sides. I am Jewish, because my mother converted. We observed the Jewish holidays but we also celebrated Christmas at Grandma's house. Additionally, my wife is Catholic and I celebrate Christmas and Easter with her family while we celebrate r, Passover, Hanukkah and the sabbath with my family.When my sister got married, they had a beautiful wedding with a rabbi and a priest. Both religions traditions were observed with the exception of the horribly long service. However, some may feel that this ignores the fact that Jewish tradition is being compromised.
  • If the father is Jewish and the mother is Christian then the kid isn't Jewish so you can raise him however you want but if his mother is Jewish he is considered to be Jewish in all terms of the matter and how you raise him is your concern but he is a full fledged Jew (according to the Jewish belief)
  • well strictly speaking the 'only children born of a Jewish mother are Jewish' maxim is Orthodox dogma; the more liberal Jewish traditions are more inclusive, so that the definition of Jewishness is less slavishly tied to the matrilineal descent notion, more important is self-identifying as Jewish, although possibly joining a Synagogue, involving potentially a relatively straightforward conversion for such a mother, would be an important sign; so providing you're happy without the 'blessing' of the Orthodox branch, it's possible even so
  • Raise the kid as a messianic Jew.
  • Messianic Jew is not an answer as that is neither Judaism or Christianity. It is in no way a form of Judaism.
  • The Bible is a Jewish book. Jesus was Jewish. I am married to a Jewish woman. We occasionally have Shabbat on Friday evenings and are going to raise our children to be messianic Jews. We are both born again Christians who recognise the Jewish/Biblical feasts. Most of the feasts recognise God's goodness/intervention on behalf of the Jewish people so why not celebrate the feasts. We are not obligated to celebrate them but we as a family choose to.
  • It your personal choice. You can preserve some Jewish customs. But remember that not all Jewish traditions/customs are practiced today for e.g., under Mosaic law, murder was punishable by being stoned to death, ancient Jew pronounced God's name, many today do not. There many customs that originate with Jewish heritage it's really your choice. e.g., learning reading and speaking Hebrew, ('Adeni Yemenite Hebrew is the closest vocalization to Biblical Hebrew), circumcision, diet/cuisine, listening to Jewish music, and etc, finding common grounds is important celebrating Nisan 14 (memorial for Jesus) passover, and knowing prophetic parallels. Ask some other Christians about prophetic parallels, and other topics that interest you about Jewish culture The law served as a tutor.
  • The child of a Jewish woman and a Christian man is Jewish, according to Judaism. If the parents prefer to educate the child about both faiths, that is great - but the child cannot BE both faiths, any more than they could be both Muslim AND Catholic, or both Hindu AND Protestant.

    If you are a Christian and your partner is Jewish, then all you need to do is make sure your kids are educated about Jewish history and beliefs. If you are a Christian and you're female, then your children are Christian - Judaism is a matrilinear faith and passes via the mother. So as here the mother isn't Jewish, nor are the children. So if your children are being raised as Christians, one thing you could do is explain to them that the 'old testament' is not a Jewish text but a Christian one, as it's the Church-edited and sadly often mistranslated version of the Jewish Tanakh.

  • The fact is: Christian beliefs do violate Judaism. It is forbidden in Judaism to worship any human, or to describe G-d as taking human form. So worship of Jesus seriously violates Jewish belief. This cannot be avoided as you and your partner represent two entirely contradictory faiths. Perhaps the best you can do is to always let your children know that both religions have a lot to offer even though they do not agree! One thing that will confuse your children and which I suggest you avoid: don't blur the issue by falling into the trap of thinking that Messianic 'Judaism' is a way of blending both faiths: it isn't. The Messianic 'Jewish' movement is purely a Christian Evangelical movement and has nothing to do with Judaism. Nobody can be both Jewish and Christian. Messianics are Christian.So I would suggest raising your children to be 'true' Christians; honourable, fair, and with a respect for other religions.
  • Start to study early church history. Learn about the pagan additions made to the Christian religion at the Council of Nicea. Learn about the fraud committed by the Roman Church. Since I began studying this I understand the teachings of Yeshua (Jesus is a greek name) better and appreciate the Jewish context of these teachings. My personal beliefs now have more in common with Judaism than most Christian denominations, but I call myself "Christian" because that is the cultural context of my Spiritual understanding.
  • I would say that there are at least four areas of normative Christianity which are absolutely incompatible with Judaism:
  • ** The dogma of the Trinity or that Jesus is equal to God. Although the Trinity concept is not found in the NT, it is the main creed recited by Christians today (known as the Nicene Creed). Judaism is very clear that God created all things, therefore can not be depicted or described using any thing of this world (e.g. as the number three, or as a man, or as anything in the earth, sky, or heavens). God transcends everything of this world.
    • The notion introduced by Saint Paul that the Torah Law is a curse which has become obsolete since Jesus' death. The Torah is very clear that the Law (Noachide Law for non-Jews, and Sinai Law for Jews) is a eternal covenant (i.e. "eternal" means that it shall still apply even when the Kingdom of God is ushered in by the Messiah).
    • The notion that Salvation can come thru a particular belief (in Saint Paul's case, that belief is the belief that Jesus is Messiah). The Torah is very clear that Salvation only comes by following the Commandments. And when we fall short of following the Commandments, then we make Atonement by Teshuva (a Repentant Return to doing the works of the Commandments) and not by performing a Sacrificial Ritual. The Torah is full of scripture stating that Returning to the Works of the Torah (especially Justice and Love) are preferable for Atonement, instead of Sacrificial Rituals. Why, Jesus himself understood this when he said "If you want to enter into life, follow the Commandments". He never said "I will have my human blood become a ritual sacrifice that can exempt people from following God's commandments".
    • That the Jewish people are collectively responsible for Messiah's death. It is historically known now that Jesus came into conflict with the 3 puppet rulers of the region (i.e. 1: Pilate, 2: the non-halachic high priest Joseph bar Qaiaphas, and 3: Herod Antipas) all of which were seriously questionable characters in the mind of the entire Jewish population itself.

Now, the next question would be whether YOU believe that Christianity without the above anathemas to Judaism can still be Christianity. It would certainly not be what we could call 'normative' Christianity (but may be more akin to what the original Jewish followers of Jesus thought before Saint Paul and Constantine came along).

  • I don't think you can. It is a nice thought, but the kid has to be in one religion or the other. You can honnor his dad's Jewish heritage, but you cannot just hope he'll pick one of the two religions. In fact, I've got to think that it would be more confusing for a small child.
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Interfaith Marriage

Can an atheist marry a non-atheist?

why not? its its love then go ahead.....if you want an atheist ceremony then go check out humanist ceremonies and that may be a solution

Interfaith Marriage

Can a Jewish woman marry a christian man?

Both Judaism and Christianity forbid it. In addition, there are very many cases in which the spouses use the religious difference as fuel to add to the flames once they're already fighting over other matters. Maintaining a marriage is hard enough without the interfering factor of different religious backgrounds.Also, there is the question of how to raise the children. A seemingly kumbaya-type peace-loving interfaith education very often turns out to be confusing to the children, who now have no complete identity. Statistics show that mixed-marriage children are less likely to practice any religion at all, than are their single-faith counterparts (even those of minimally-religious homes).

In actual practice, intermarriage amounts to assimilation, the product of which is descendants who may no longer see themselves as part of the religious heritage of either parent.

Interfaith Marriage

Can a Hindu girl marry a Muslim boy?

Answer AAccording to Hinduism:

Hinduism is a very tolerant religion and marriage is never discriminated due to race, color or religion. Hinduism believes all religions lead to God so, one is never greater than the other.

According to Islamic marriage rules:

No, A Hindu girl can't marry a Muslim boy. Muslim boy can marry only a Muslim, Jewish, or Christian girl.

However, if the girl or boy is neither Muslim, Christian, or Jewish (and is Hindu or Buddhist or Atheist) then he / she should convert to Islam to be able to marry the Muslim boy or girl. Convert to Islam should be under free will and full choice,

Answer B (Another view):

Love and attraction has no bounds. Those who realize that the God is ONE and all humans are same can marry anyone from any society. Marriage is an understanding between two souls to live together in love.

Laws change country to country and if the law of your country allows you to marry without converting - you can marry and live in harmony.

Answer CPer Islam religion, it is forbidden for a Muslim girl to marry non Muslim boy (Hindu, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist,....). Being Muslim means a contract with Allah (God in English) to follow Islam faith per Quran and prophet Muhammad teachings. Fulfilling the terms of contract assures you the God blessings in your life and afterlife. Otherwise, you will be expelled from God mercy and love. Following the terms of contract with God has priority over following the contracts or laws of a country or people
Jehovah's Witnesses
Interfaith Marriage

Can a marriage between a born-again Jewish believer in Christ and a Jehovah's Witness work What about raising children in this family?

The Bible tells us we (Christians) must not be unequally yoked. When we believe in Jesus Christ as the second person of the Trinity, as a born-again Christian, we must not unite with a person who does not believe this. Jehovah's Witnesses do not believe that Jesus Christ is God. Conversely, the Jehovah's Witnesses do not believe in inter-marriage either. If we are already married to one who does not believe as we do, or if we repent of sinning by so marrying, God will give us the strength to endure. We are not to divorce, because "God hates divorce." However, "if the unbeliever leaves, let him go." If one is already in this situation, raising of children would be difficult. Even the Bibles of Jehovah's Witnesses are different from other Christian Bibles in several important respects. I would just suggest that one do as much Bible Study as possible, and do studies with the children. One must explain to the children that while their parents love one another and love them, they disagree on the proper translation and interpretation of God's Word. Note that while both could be wrong, only one is capable of being correct, since they are so different in key areas.

Interfaith Marriage

Is it possible to be half Jewish and half Christian?

According to Judaism, a Jew is any person whose mother was Jewish (Talmud, Kidushin 68b), or any person who has gone through a proper conversion to Judaism (Talmud, Yevamot 47a).If your mother is Christian, according to Judaism you're Christian.

Interfaith Marriage

Can a Muslim man marry a Christian Orthodox girl?

Answer AYes he canYes she can

Yes they can keep their original thoughts.

The holly Islam Book "Quran" maintains full respect to Christianity and full respect to Jesus (peace upon him) and calls for mutual respect between both religions.

Again, yes it is possible for a Christian or Jewish girl to get married with a Muslim man while both maintaining and practicing (at home and/or Church/Mosque) their own religions.

Answer B

No he cannot. Only if she converts to Islam "The religion of Peace"

Hint on Answer B above:It is not licit to forbid what is allowed in Quran or allowed by Prophet Muhammad (peace upon him).

Quran says (English meaning translation):

".... The food of those who have received the Scripture (Christians and Jews) is lawful to you, and your food is lawful to them. And so are the virtuous women of the believers and the virtuous women of those who received the Scripture before you (lawful to you in marriage) when ye give them their marriage portions and live with them in honor, not in fornication, nor taking them as secret concubines..."

(Quran, chapter 5, verse 5)

Accordingly, Answer A is the correct answer. Yes, it is allowed for Muslim man to marry a Jewish or Christian woman without religion convert.

Answer C

From the Muslim point of view, it is acceptable for a Muslim man to marry a devout Christian woman (though not a woman who is only nominally Christian).

However, from the Christian point of view, such marriages are utterly forbidden. A Christian can only marry another Christian. The only way a devout Christian woman would agree to this marriage would be if the man converted to Christianity. If she agreed under any other circumstances, she would not be devout, and hence she would be forbidden to the Muslim man!

Interfaith Marriage

Can a Jewish man marry a Catholic woman?

Secular Answer

Of course they can, and many people do. Some Reform Rabbis and Catholic Priests will perform joint wedding ceremonies. However, many Jews and Catholics believe that such marriages should not be performed because they believe in marrying within their religion to ensure that the children will be raised in that tradition. Jewish men face the additional hurdle that, except in some Liberal congregations, the child of a Jewish man and a non-Jewish woman is automatically considered to be non-Jewish regardless of upbringing.

Religious Answer

He is physically capable, but prevented by his religion. Both Judaism and Catholicism prohibit it.

Interfaith Marriage

Can a Hindu woman marry a Muslim man according Hindu rituals?

No. A Muslim can not marry a Hindu - under any circumstances - until the Hindu renounces their belief and becomes a Muslim, a Jew or a Christian (those who believe in the One God of Abraham).

Interfaith Marriage

Does a non-muslim woman have to convert to Islam to marry a Muslim man?

If a Muslim man wants to marry a woman who is one of the people of the books (a Jew or christian) and she doesn't stop him from practicing his religion, then he is allowed to marry her. He is not allowed to force her to convert (no Muslim under any circumstances is allowed to force someone to convert) and she is allowed to practice her religion without prosecution from her husband or his community.

(There's proof in the Quran if you don't believe me)

It is not necessary for a non Muslim woman who marries a Muslim man to convert as long as the female spouse is Christian or Jewish and believes in one God. If she is neither Christian nor Jewish, then she should convert to Islam before marriage. These are the rules according to Islam teachings and according to Quran.

If you happen to be referring to a Christian woman marrying a Muslim man: if a woman(or anyone) is a true Christian then she believes that Jesus is God's son and has accepted the salvation offered by his death on the cross and ultimate defeat of death. Also, she knows that she has accepted God's Holy Spirit and she could never "stop being a Christian." Thus it is a Christian belief that it is impossible to convert from Christianity because it is the one and only way to salvation. So if someone can convert from Christianity then it is likely that said person has never been a Christian, therefore this question is a large paradox.

Interfaith Marriage

What are the chances of a Christian and Muslim love relationship working if the Muslim man will not tell his family?

Some Muslim men enter into casual relationships with Christian girls, with no intention of marrying. They enjoy the opportunity for a sexual relationship, but still want to marry a virgin Muslim girl, when they are ready for marriage. Because in these cases there is no intention of marriage, he is less likely to tell his family about the Christian girl.
In other cases, the Muslim man may be willing to marry the Christian but knows that his parents would set out to block the marriage because of quite substantial cultural differences. The film Alex and Eve, although in this case about a Christian man who marries a Muslim girl, portrays some of the difficulties faced in an interfaith marriage.

Interfaith Marriage

Can a Muslim marry a Non-Muslim Japanese person?

There are two type of marriage in Islam--permanent and temporary. For permanent marriage, a Muslim can only marry a Muslim. But for temporary marriage a Muslim man can marry a woman from people of Book (i.e. Christian or Jew).

Eastern Orthodoxy
Interfaith Marriage

Can a Christian Orthodox man marry a Muslim woman?

In terms of religious law/opinion, the answer is NO. From an Islamic Religious Perspective, a Muslim woman can only marry a Muslim man. From an Orthodox Christian perspective, marriage for either spouse to a Non-Christian is banned and will result in the loss of sacramental privileges.

In terms of secular law, this will depend on the civil laws in the country you live in. In the US, for instance, civil marriage has no religious test and, therefore, can be administered between two individuals of differing religious beliefs.

Interfaith Marriage

Can a Christian marry a Muslim?

A Muslim man can marry Christain women but, Muslim women cannot marry Christian man.

The Bible forbids any Christian from marrying anyone who is not a Christian, in such verses as:

2 Corinthians 6:14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

The Bible also notes (truthfully) you will have much trouble in your marriage, especially if a Christian woman marries a Muslim man.
Yes, but if the Muslim is male and the Christian is female, then the Christian has to become a Muslim in order to marry them.

I'm not sure what happens if it's the other way around. But most times if the Muslim is a female, her father doesn't let her marry outside of her religion...

It all depends on the people anyhow.

Interfaith Marriage

How can a Christian man marry a Muslim woman without either converting?

The Christian's Church would discourage such a marriage, but it can be permitted. The Muslim partner would not generally be required to convert, but the Christian partner must intend to raise his children from the marriage as Christians, and the Muslim bride must acknowledge that she understands this intention has been stated.

Muslims generally consider that a Muslim woman can not marry a Christian man, although instances do increasingly occur. In almost all cases, the Christian man goes through the motions of converting to Islam, even if this conversion is not sincere. He is then under an implicit obligation to raise the children from his marriage as Muslims. However, there is at least one imam in Britain, and another in South Africa, who are prepared to officiate over a marriage between a Christian man and a Muslim bride.

A neutral choice is a civil wedding, which is an increasingly popular choice even for marriages that are not interfaith. The couple can then make their own choice as to which religious tradition the children should be brought up in, without coercion from priest or imam. You should also remember that you are not alone, in spite of many Muslim men saying that Muslim girls never marry non-Muslims. The United Kingdom 2001 census identified:

  • 17,163 Christian women married to Muslim men
  • 4,233 Christian men married to Muslim women
Interfaith Marriage

Can a Muslim boy marry a Christian girl if allowed by religion?

Yes, A Muslim can marry a girl/woman who is Christian or Jewish and they

can keep their original thoughts.

The holly Islam Book "Koraan" maintains full respect to Christianity and full respect to Jesus (peace upon him) and calls for mutual respect between both religions. A full chapter is mentioned in Koraan about the Virgin Mariam (or Marya).

Again, yes it is possible for a Christian girl to get married with a Muslim man while both maintaining and practicing (at home and/or Church/Mosque) their own religions.

Interfaith Marriage

Can a non-Muslim marry a Muslim?

Islam does not allow a Muslim to marry anyone who is not a Muslim, Christian or Jew. It also strongly discourages a Muslim girl from marrying a Christian or Jewish man, but there is usually no problem for a Muslim man marrying a Christian or Jewish girl.

According to Sharia, the only way for a non-Muslim person who is not a Christian or Jew is for one or the other prospective partner to convert. However, I personally know at least one Muslim married to a Buddhist, and it appears that because of proximity, marriages between Hindus and Muslims are becoming more common.

In Britain, the Christian Muslim Forum (http://www.christianmuslimforum....) recognises the increasing frequency of interfaith marriages and recommends there be no forced conversion by either partner. The latest British statistics available are from the 2001 census that says there were:

  • 17,163 Christian women married to Muslim men
  • 4,233 Christian men married to Muslim women
Interfaith Marriage

Can a Druze man marry a Christian woman?



Per Islam teachings and rules, Muslim man can marry a Jewish or Christian woman.

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Interfaith Marriage

My boyfriend is Muslim and to marry him I am told I must convert but don't want to so what do I do?

It may not actually be necessary for you to convert if you are a Christian or a Jew, since it is permissible (according to Islam) for Muslim men to marry Christian or Jewish women. (If the family is amenable, you can definitely find jurisprudence on this issue on the Internet.). Of course, in Western society, there are no religious bars to marriage, but this is probably not the issue.

However, if your boyfriend makes conversion a necessary requisite for marriage (in violation of Islamic Law on the subject), I find that to be asking someone to negotiate away a serious part of themselves for a romantic partner. It is a demonstration of failure to love what is and instead a desire to shape the other person's will. I find such an idea quite damaging to an emotional relationship, but you are free to make whatever decision your heart dictates to you.

Interfaith Marriage

Can an Atheist man marry a Muslim woman?

Islam strongly discourages a Muslim girl from marrying a man who is not a Muslim, and in any case does not allow a Muslim to marry anyone who is not a Muslim, or a practising Christian or Jew. So, under Islamic law, an atheist can not marry a Muslim. Of course, in Western nations and India, there is provision for the couple to marry in a civil wedding.

Interfaith Marriage

Can a Hindu boy marry a Christian girl?

Sure if he truly love her but if you don't allow it then that might be a problem.
Yes , why not?You can marry in Court obviously Marriage is a big decision take it wisely!


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