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Abigail Adams

Was Abigail Adams in the Revolutionary War?

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no Abigail Adams was not in the WAR

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How old was Abigail Adams when the revolutionary war?

she was 24

What did Abigail Adams role in the revolutionary war?

A Toilet

Did Abigail Adams survive the revolutionary war?


What was Abigail Adams Occupations before the revolutionary war?

a maid

Where did Abigail Adams live during the revolutionary war?

On a farm

What Great Accomplishments did Abigail Adams?

Abigail Adams was the John Adams wife. John Adams was the 2nd president of the United States after the Revolutionary War.

How did Abegail Adams help with the Revolutionary War?

Abigail Adams housed and clothed the soldiers during the war.

Where was Abigail Adams when the Revolution started?

Abigail Adams was a huge supporter of the Revolutionary war. When the war started Abigail was living on her husbands farm in Braintree. She spent the war between there and her home in England.

Who were the unsung heroes of the Revolutionary War?

Abigail Adams, Betsy Ross,

Why was Abigail Adams important before the revolutionary war?

chicken butt

How was Abigail Adams important to the American Revoulition?

Abigail Adams was important during the Revolutionary War because she encouraged women to help the men during the war.

What did do Abigail Adams in the American Revolutionary War?

She feed Patriots when they were coming back from the war.

How did Abigail Adams help in the revolutionary war?

cared for everyone! isnt that great!?!?!?

Why was Abigail Adams important to the revolutionary war?

Because she was a women's rights advocate.

How did Abigail Adams affect the time period?

Made bullets for the revolutionary war.

Who privately advocated equality for women during the revolutionary war?

Abigail Adams

Was Abigail Adams on the british side of the revolutionary war?

NO, she was on the side of the partiots like her husband, John Adams

Was Abigail Adams a nurse in the Revolutionary War?

She was a nurse who provided water for the soldier's during the war

What are some additional facts about Abigail Adams and the revolutionary war?

honestly, who gives a s***?

What did Abigail Adams think would happen to the lives of women after the revolutionary war?

That they will win.

What was Abigail Adams major accomplishments during the revolutionary war?

Wife of John Adams, Abigail supported her husband during the Revolutionary War while raising their five children on her own in Massachusetts. She is well-known for her speaking out on behalf of women and slaves.

What did Abigail Adams do to help with the revolutionary war?

she sent John Quincey Adams letters helping making the decisions for him to do the jobAbigail was mostly who he was he always needed her help

Did Abigail Adams fight in the revolutionary war after her husband died?

No. The war was over a long time when John died.

What impact did Abigail Adams have on the Revolutionary War?

She stayed at home and protected her kids most of the time.

What technology could Abigail Adams have used during the Revolutionary War?

A peice of paper and a pen (: