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He was fighting against the south so he was with the north fighting against slavery.

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Abraham Lincoln was in the civil war in which he convinced the north and the south to stop fighting

The north (Abe lincoln) fought with the south over the right to have slaves. the south wanted slavery. the north won.

Abraham Lincoln for the North, Jefferson Davis for the South.

Abraham Lincoln was a leader in the Civil War and he also defeated the South

Mr. Lincoln was a big fan of the North so he definitely wanted them to win.

He was the leader of the Union which is the north. lets just make it simple the north

The South surrendered to the North in the US Civil War and only 5 days after this achievement, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth.

After the north have won the south was forced to move back into the north. After that Abraham Lincoln banned slavery.

Abraham Lincoln was president of the United States of America (the North) during the Civil War. Jefferson Davis was president of the Confederate States of America (the South).

Jefferson Davis led the South and Abraham Lincoln led the North .

Abraham Lincoln was President of the United States (North) Jefferson Davis was President of the Confederate States (South)

Abraham Lincoln was president of the North. Jefferson Davis was President of the South.

He was on the North's side. He also wanted to end slavery

Abraham Lincoln was president of the Union, or the North, and Jefferson Davis was president of the Confederate States.

One major area of disagreement between Abraham Lincoln and Radical Republicans is that Lincoln wanted to restore the United States by uniting North and South after the Civil War. Radical Republicans wanted to keep the South and North separate.

They were in favor of slavery while President Lincoln pressed against it. That conflict eventually began the Civil War between the North and South. The North supported Lincoln and no slavery, while the South begged to differ.

He was referring to the United States split into the north and south of the Civil War.

Because the south was unhappy about the end of the civil war. Abraham Lincoln created amendments which gave rights to the slaves.

During the US Civil War, Abraham Lincoln was president of the Union and Jefferson Davis was the President of the Confederacy.

He was shot and killed by William Booth, someone who lived in the North. (Abraham Lincoln was the South)

Abraham Lincoln was killed because the north won the civil war and john Wilkes booth wanted the south to win. he was very mean wasn't he.

Abraham Lincoln was the president of the Union or some could say the North. Jefferson Davis was the president of the South or better said the Confederacy.

Abraham Lincoln favored the North over the South mostly because he felt that slavery is wrong. Lincoln gave his life to defend what he thought was truly right and he is remembered for that.

the north felt like he was a father to the country because he tried to keep the north and the south together. I don't think it was Abraham Lincoln. I think it was the" Abraham" in the bible.

the main military leader of the north was Abraham Lincoln and the military leader of the south general lee

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