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Was Adolph Hitler ever recognized?

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i think Hitler was not that much very important? If you think Hitler is important then tell me if he was ever recognized i will make a Question?

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Hitler did not appear to be abnormal as a child, or as a soldier during WW I.

No. They lived in two different centuries.

adolf Hitler commited suicide.he was not killed by anyone

There are no surviving relatives of Adolph Hitler. His family is extinct.

Hitler was not a Freemason.

no Hitler was totalitarianist

No, Hitler was not adopted.

Yes Anthony Hopkins played Adolph Hitler in the TV movie 'The Bunker' (1981).

No, Hitler did not have any children.

No, Hitler did not have any children.

Hitler was the Chancellor of Germany.

No, Hitler was a maniacal murderer.

No, Hitler did not have any children.

Hitler joined the nazis

After Adolph Hitler committed suicide he was succeeded briefly by Joseph Goebbels as per his will.

yes he did do u ever read the news papers because it was in there

yes.... A long time ago.

he wanted to brain-wash the children into thinking everything he did was right

Adolph Hitler literally wanted to kill anybody who he thought did not fit according to his model.

my dad has got a mustasce like hitler is he hitler

Hitler committed suicide on 30apr1945

No, Hitler was originally from Austria.

No, Hitler never had any children.