Was Albert Einstein's nickname Ollie

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Q: Was Albert Einstein's nickname Ollie
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Is Albert Einsteins single?

No, Albert Einstein is not single.

What is Albert Einsteins's full name?

Albert Pippy Einstein

What was albert Einsteins first son named?

hans albert

What was Albert Einsteins horscope?

it was ..TARUS

Does Albert Einsteins have pets?

he has a dog

How did scientists apply Albert Einsteins equation e equals mc2?

How did scientists apply albert einsteins equation e equals mc2?"

Does Albert Einsteins have children?

Yes, Albert Einstein has 1 kids

Did Albert Einsteins finish college?

yes he did

How did Albert Einsteins get famous?

for the automatic bom

What does Albert Einsteins look like?


What is Albert Einsteins's birthday?

march 14th

Who was Albert Einsteins's mentor?

Max Talmey