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They were "the Civil War".

The North and the South were going against each other.

They were fighting against slavery (the North).

And the South wanted slavery.

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Q: Was America north or south in the civil war?
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Was the confederate the north or south in the civil war?

the confederate states of America was the south in the civil war.

What are the two sides of the civil war?

The north of America and the south of America The Union (North) and Confederacy (South)

What were the changes to the world after the Civil War?

North and south of America fought. North against slavory south for it. After the Civil War and the North won we became one nation.

Was the Civil War the end of the Revolutionary war?

No. The Revolutionary War was 1775-1783 between the to be United States and the British. The Civil war was between the North and South of America. America wanted freedom from the British in the revolutionary war whereas the South wanted freedom form the North of America in the Civil war.

Why did the North and South start the Civil War?

Basically, the North wanted to end slavery in America, while the South did not.

What 2 states fought in civil war?

In the American Civil War, or The War Between the States,was the North, or US vrs. the South, or the Feds. The South seceded from the North, becoming the Confederate States of America. The North was still the United States of America.

Did North and South America fight the Civil War?

The American Civil war was between the USA and a collection of maverick states (in the south of the current USA) who were known as the Confederate States of America. The USA (North) won.

Who was the President of the north and south during the Civil War?

Abraham Lincoln was president of the United States of America (the North) during the Civil War. Jefferson Davis was president of the Confederate States of America (the South).

What countries foughtin the America civil war?

America (north vs. south), England, Ireland, and Prussia.

Who fought each other in the civil war?

The North and the South in America. The Yankees and Dixieland

What was fought between the north and the south?

If you are refering to wars in America, that's the Civil War.

The north or the south win the Civil War?

The north won the civil war.

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