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She was a hero she had a positive outlook when others didnt. she wrote down expiriences and emotional views on what happened in her life

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Yes, Anne Frank is considered a heroine for her resilience, optimism, and ability to maintain hope and humanity in the face of great adversity while documenting her experiences during the Holocaust. Her diary has provided valuable insights into the human experience during that time and has inspired countless individuals around the world.

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Q: Was Anne Frank considered a heroine?
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Who is considered a hero in the diary of anne frank?

miep gies is considered the hero in ane frank because she is rikib her life to do evrything for the anee frank family.

Anne Frank's diary original language?

Anne Frank's diary was originally written in Dutch. It was later translated into numerous languages and is considered one of the most widely read books in the world.

Pokemon FireRed how to find frank?

A person can find Frank in Pokemon FireRed by visiting the S.S. Anne. Frank is considered a rival in this game.

What are Anne Frank three nicknames?

Anne Frank's three nicknames were "Anne," "Annelies," and "Annelein."

Who were Anne Frank's heroes?

Anne Frank considered her father, Otto Frank, to be her hero. She admired his strength, kindness, and moral character. She also looked up to famous figures from literature and history, such as Joan of Arc and Helen Keller, for their resilience and bravery.

Who is the heroine of Jane Austen's 'Persuasion'?

Anne Elliot.

What is the Anne roles in persuasion by Jane Austen?

Anne is the main character/ heroine of Persuasion

Who did Anne Frank admire?

Anne Frank admired the writer and diarist Kitty Egyedi. She found solace in her writings and considered her a role model for expressing her thoughts and ideas through her diary.

Who was in Anne Frank's family?

The people in Anne Frank's family were; Margot Frank - Anne's sister Edith Frank - Anne's mother Otto Frank - Anne's father. The family pet name for Otto was 'Pim'.

Who wrote 'The Diary of Anne Frank?

'The Diary of Anne Frank' was written by Anne Frank, a Jewish girl who kept a diary while hiding from the Nazis during the Second World War. Her diary has become a widely read account of life during the Holocaust.

What is Anne Franks siters name?

Margot Frank was Anne Frank's sister. She died of typhus in a concentration camp within days of Anne's death.

Who made Anne Frank diary?

Anne Frank