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Was Anne Frank famous for writing?

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Just for "The Diary of Anne Frank", as far as I know...

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What is Anne Frank famous for?

anne frank is famous for writing a journal of her life and she was a Jewish girl.

What type of writing is Anne Frank famous for?


Where did Anne Frank write her famous diary?

Anne Frank started writing her diary before she went into hiding. However, most of it was written in the attic of her father's business building.

How old was Anne Frank in the diary of Anne Frank?

She was 13 when she started writing it, and 15 when she stopped writing in it (when she got captured).

When did Anne Frank first become famous?

google anne frank

What type of writing did Anne Frank do?

She did Holamic writing

Who was the famous Jew from world war 2?

anne frank anne frank

What did Anne Frank do to change America?

Anne Frank changed America by writing a diary of her life in WWII

Why Anne Frank started writing?


Who famous is from Germany?

Anne Frank

Famous persons from Germany?

Adolf Hitler, Anne Frank

When did Anne frank start writing stories?


Where did Anne Frank live in Germany?

Anne Frank did not live in Germany. She grew up in Amsterdam, Holland. She is most famous for writing a diary during the time her family was in hiding from the Nazis during World War 2.

Last names of famous annie's?

Anne Frank is one.Princess Anne Anne Sullivan

Did Anne Frank get an award?

No, Anne Frank didn't get an award. She died before she was famous. But she probably did get an award, but was given to Otto Frank.

Is anne frank famous?

yes. for her dianry

What made Anne Frank so famous?

Anne Frank became so famous because of her diary. The diary had everything that happen to her, in the holocaust, and to her life. it also made Anne frank so famous because she was the one that had written what had happen in that horrible history.

What is the real name of Frank Ribery?

Anne Frank main talent appear to be writing

Is isaac Frank Anne Franks brother?

Anne Frank (who wrote the famous diary) had one sister and no brother.

What was the age of anne frank when she started writing in her diary?

Anne started writing in her diary on her thirteenth birthday, June 12, 1942.

What is the irony in the diary of Anne Frank?

The irony is Annie's dream to become a famous writer which is attained only after she dies in the "famous" book The diary of Anne Frank.

When did Anne Frank begin writing in her diary?

Anne Frank was 13 when she began writing in her diary.She got her diary for her 13th birthday in June 1942.Friday 12th June, 1942

Where did Anne Frank and her family hide and why?

Anne Frank And Her Family Hiding in The Loft They We hiding from the Germans because anne frank was a Jew the Germans wanted no Jews around Germany (the reason why anne frank is so famous is because of her diary)

How do you know about what happened to Anne Franks and why is she famous?

Anne Frank died of Thymus. She is famous for her diary, that her father published.

When did the diary of Anne Frank take place?

Anne Frank kept her diary from 1942-1944, writing most of it while she was in hiding from the Nazis.