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As far as I know he was not...but the founding members of the Temple of Set ( ) were formerly high-ranking officers in the army. I've also heard that this satanic church is the only one of it's kind to enjoy tax-exempt status as many christian church organizations do.

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What is the birth name of Anton LaVey?

Anton LaVey's birth name is Howard Stanton Levey.

Who is the founder of the Satanic religion?

Some will argue Satan, others will argue Anton LeVey.

What is Anton Lavey well known for?

Anton LaVey, whose real name is Howard Stanton Levey, is an American author and musician with a particular interest in the occult. He founded the Church of Satan and wrote The Satanic Bible. Anton LaVey died in 1997.

What are the names of the four crowned princes of hell?

According to the Satanic Bible (by Anton LeVey) the crowned princes of hell are Satan, Lucifer, Belial and Leviathan.

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