Was Apollo creed a real boxer?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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u can say that but he is actually based on Muhammad Ali greatest fighter of all time!! :)

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Q: Was Apollo creed a real boxer?
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Who is considered to be the greatest boxer ever?

When he defeated the draft board (against the US government).

What are some of the nicknames about Apollo Creed?

Apollo Creed is a character from the Rocky film franchise. Apollo Creed has many nicknames including The King of Sting, Master of Disaster, The Prince of Punch, and many more.

When was Apollo Creed created?

burgess merideth? This is incorrect who ever put Burgess Merideth, Burgess played Mickey Goldmill. Carl Weathers played Apollo Creed

Who did rocky first fight in rocky 1?

he fought Apollo creed played by carl wethers

Who did Carl Weathers play in the Rocky movies?

Apollo Creed

Who was Carl Weathers in rocky?

His characters name was Apollo Creed

How many times did rocky fight Apollo creed?


Who did Carl weathers play in the rocky film?

Apollo Creed

Who trained sylvester stallone for rocky 3?

Apollo Creed

How did Sylvester Stallone choose the name Apollo Creed for the Rocky movies?

My guess is in Greek Mythology and the God Apollo

What was Apollo Creed's last fight?

This fictional character's final bout ended his fictional life. It was against another fictional character, the Russian boxer Ivan Drago, who literally killed him on August 31, 1985 during the movie "Rocky IV" .

Which boxer played Rocky in Rocky 2?

According to wikipedia:" Sylvester Stallone's original concept for Rocky, and the character Rocky Balboa, was inspired by his viewing of a fight between Muhammed Ali and Chuck Wepner. The idea of an underdog going the distance and putting up a fierce fight against all odds appealed to Stallone. "Wikipedia also says that the character Apollo Creed was 'loosely' based on Muhammed Ali.