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Was Audie Murphy descended from emigrants from the great Irish famine?


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April 25, 2008 9:17AM

I can't find evidence to the effect that he was, and to the extent that his family tree is completed on , his ancestors were in America during and before the Irish famine.

Considering the earliness of his family's presence in America, and that his known ancestors known to have died in the 1700s did so in North Carolina, it is almost certain that Lt. Murphy's ancestors had emigrated from Ulster. Ulsterites, who were Protestants of Scottish, and to some extent Huguenot and intermarried Irish (which the last name Murphy would suggest), descent, arrived in America in great numbers until the start of the American Revolution.

The birthplace of Audie's paternal grandfather, George W. Murphy, is not given, so it is conceivable that he was from Ireland proper, and a refugee of the famine, considering his birthyear (1852), but how his son would have ended up a sharecropper in Texas had that been the case, I don't know. I associate Irish immigrants of that period as having gone to Northeast states like Boston or New York, while Texans from that era tended to have come from states like Tennessee, Arkansas, etc., which were (like the South in general) the descendents of Ulsterites.