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Q: Was Chamberlain right in his policy of appeasement claim?
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Was appeasement a mistake for Britain after World War 1?

Yes, the appeasement policy of Britain helped Hitler gain the stronghold over Europe and ended with the blitzing of London. The first aggressive land grabs of Hitler were allowed, since British and other leaders felt it was something he had a right to do, and if they ignored it, he would stop. He didn't, and by the time they entered the war after Hitler's invasion of Poland, he had gained too much power to be immediately stopped.

What was an cause of World War 2 in Europe?

Failure of AppeasementAppeasement means giving in to someone provided their demands are seen as reasonable. During the 1930s, many politicians in both Britain and France came to see that the terms of the Treaty of Versailles had placed restrictions on Germany that were unfair. Hitler's actions were seen as understandable and justifiable.When Germany began re-arming in 1934, many politicians felt that Germany had a right to re-arm in order to protect herself. It was also argued that a stronger Germany would prevent the spread of Communism to the west.In 1936, Hitler argued that because France had signed a new treaty with Russia, Germany was under threat from both countries and it was essential to German security that troops were stationed in the Rhineland. France was not strong enough to fight Germany without British help and Britain was not prepared to go to war at this point. Furthermore, many believed that since the Rhineland was a part of Germany it was reasonable that German troops should be stationed there.In May 1937, Neville Chamberlain became Prime Minister of Britain. He believed that the Treaty of Versailles had treated Germany badly and that there were a number of issues associated with the Treaty that needed to be put right. He felt that giving in to Hitler's demands would prevent another war.This policy, adopted by Chamberlain's government became known as the policy of Appeasement. The most notable example of appeasement was the Munich Agreement of September 1938.The Munich Agreement, signed by the leaders of Germany, Britain, France and Italy, agreed that the Sudetenland would be returned to Germany and that no further territorial claims would be made by Germany. The Czech government was not invited to the conference and protested about the loss of the Sudetenland. They felt that they had been betrayed by both Britain and France with whom alliances had been made. However, the Munich Agreement was generally viewed as a triumph and an excellent example of securing peace through negotiation rather than war.When Hitler invaded the rest of Czechoslovakia in March 1939, he broke the terms of the Munich Agreement. Although it was realised that the policy of appeasement had failed, Chamberlain was still not prepared to take the country to war over "..a quarrel in a far-away country between people of whom we know nothing." Instead, he made a guarantee to come to Poland's aid if Hitler invaded Poland.

What right of all Englishmen did the colonists claim for themselves?

Their own consent, given personally, their representatives .

In its signed petition to the king what rights did the First Continental Congress claim colonist had?

The right to life, liberty, and the right to assemble were three of the things listed in the signed petition that the First Continental Congress sent to the King. They also said they had the right to a trail by jury.

During whose reign did the songhai empire reached the height of its power?

Askiya Muhammad, known as Askiya the Great, brought the Songhai Empire to its height. Askiya had no actual right to claim the throne, but did so anyway. He built strong alliances, which helped the empire spread.

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Why did Channon claim appeasement was the right policy?

He has never been proved more abundantly right for he gave us six months of peace in which Channon rearmed, and he was right to try appeasement.

Why did Halifax claim appeasement was the right policy?

it found a country and commonwealth wholly united within itself, and that no alternative remained.

How would Neville Chamberlain have defended the policy of appeasement?

It was an attempt to avoid war. Nobody wanted to go through all of that death and destruction, yet when an enemy is intent on destroying you, you must fight. In the case of Germany, they were intent on ruling all of Europe and eventually the world. No amount of appeasement would have deterred Hitler. He believed it to be the Aryan right. It's a lesson we should have learned. No amount of appeasement will deter radical Islam. They too are intent on ruling the world.

Was appeasement the right policy in England in 1938?

The UK government had no choice but to offer appeasement in 1938 because its Armed Forces were so small there was nothing that they could do against Germany who had been preparing for war since 1933.

What were Neville Chamberlain's main features in policy of appeasement?

Chamberlain thought that by appeasing Germany and Hitler, he could prevent war. Chamberlain, and many in Britan, thought that the Treaty of Versailles was too harsh and by giving back the land taken from Germany (and more) they would make Germany/Hitler happy and war would never come.

What After reading Documents C D and E create a hypothesis to answer to question Was appeasement the right policy for England in 1938 Cite evidence from the documents to support your answer?

i dont know

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What was the failure of appeasement?

German leaders could not be trusted to honor agreements with other countries.

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