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Yes, the appeasement policy of Britain helped Hitler gain the stronghold over Europe and ended with the blitzing of London. The first aggressive land grabs of Hitler were allowed, since British and other leaders felt it was something he had a right to do, and if they ignored it, he would stop. He didn't, and by the time they entered the war after Hitler's invasion of Poland, he had gained too much power to be immediately stopped.

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Q: Was appeasement a mistake for Britain after World War 1?
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Was the appeasement was a mistake?

Yes it was a mistake because it caused World War 2

Why was appeasement a mistake in World War 2?

because it just was

What was the policy of appeasement in world war 2?

appeasement before world war 2Britain and France was after WWII but Britain and Germany before WWIIAnsweri only know two countries that held an appeasement before war broke out in 1939. these two countries are BRITAIN and GERMANY. i hope that this has helped you with your reasearch.

What are the landmarks of appeasement in World War 2?

Prior to World War II, Britain tried a strategy of appeasement with Hitler. It didn't work, and Hitler ended up taking Austria and Czechoslovakia.

What year was the appeasement concession practiced by France and Great Britain in world war 2?


To avoid a repeat of World War 1 Britain reacted to early Nazi aggression with a policy of?


Why did the Japanese start World War 2?

They didn't, it was Germany who started it. The US and Britain had the policy of appeasement which led to the escalation of the War.

What policy did Britain and France adopt toward Hitler before World War 2?

AppeasementThe policy of appeasement.

Leading up to World War 2 which nations initially followed a policy of appeasement?

great britain and france

How did the appeasement policy start World War 2?

It didn't. World War II would have happened even if appeasement hadn't been offered by Britain and France because Hitler wanted to dominate Europe.

What convinced Britain and France to end their policy of appeasement World War 2?

The policy of appeasement was a bid to reach a peaceful understanding with Germany.The Germans invaded Poland on September 1st 1939 and on the 3rd Britain declared war.

What was it called when Britain and France were trying to avoid war?

Appeasement .