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Yes. Charles Sumner was a Radical Republican and abolitionist who served as a U.S. Senator during the Civil War.

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Q: Was Charles sumner an abolitionist
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Who was the Massachusetts senator and staunch abolitionist?

Charles Sumner

Abolitionist senator who was attacked on the floor of the senate?

Senator Charles Sumner

Who was the abolitionist senator who was severely beaten when he condemned the South for the crime against Kansas?

Charles Sumner

Was Charles Sumner beaten?

Yes. Charles Sumner was a Radical Republican and abolitionist Senator from Massachusetts. One day, after giving an inflammatory speech against slavery, a Southern Senator beat Sumner with a cane while Sumner was sitting at his desk in the Senate chamber.

Senator Charles Sumner was an abolitionist who spoke out against slavery on Kansas and the Kansas Nebraska act true or false?

True. Senator Charles Sumner was an abolitionist who strongly opposed slavery. He gave a famous speech condemning the Kansas-Nebraska Act and the extension of slavery into new territories.

Abolitionist senator whose verbal attack on the south provoked a physical assault that severely injured him?

Charles Sumner

Which abolitionist wrote The sacred animosity between freedom and slavery can end only with the triumph of freedom?

Charles sumner, repuplican senator from massachusetts.

When did Charles A. Sumner die?

Charles A. Sumner died in 1903.

When was Charles A. Sumner born?

Charles A. Sumner was born in 1835.

What senator and fiery abolitionist delivered a speech in 1856 the accused pro-slavery senators of forcing Kansas into the ranks of slave states?

Charles Sumner

What was the consequence of brooks beating of sumner in the north?

The beating took place in 1856 after Charles Sumner made an abolitionist speech which was insulting to Brooks' uncle. The consequence of the beating was to increase tensions between the North and the South in the United States.

What is Charles Sumner's birthday?

Charles Sumner was born on January 6, 1811.