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Q: Was Civil service examination were a good way to choose government officials?
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Civil sirvice examination were a good way to choose government officials?

The civil service examinations are a good way to choose government officials. Or, any person wishing to be admitted into the civil service. This type of examination is used in an organized, rational, manner.

Do graduates in BS in Computer Engineering need to take licensure exam?

There is no board examination for BSCpE.Some graduates choose to take the competency examination called the Civil Service Examination. Those who will pass the civil service examinations are conferred a civil service eligibility, a basic requirement for entrance to government service.

Do you think civil service examinations were good way to choose government officials?

Yes because people could easily tell if you were good enough to join or not.

Why is a systems of examinations a good way to choose government officials?

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Do territories get to choose their own government officials?

It depends on what kind of Territory. Certain territoies are obligated to follow the governmant and others can choose.

Why is a system of examinations a good way to choose government officials?

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Who was the earlies emperors of china choose to help them govern?

which dynesty first introduce civil service examination

How do american citizens choose the people they want in the government?

It's obviously not the people who elect officials. They are elected by the money trail & propaganda and lies told by officials and their back-door deals.

What actions have government officials taken to reduce air pollution in Mexico City (Choose 3)?

please answer quickly!!!😥😑😶

A sentence using popular sovereignty?

Popular Sovereignty is a government in which the common people rule.

Why is union territory called so?

It is because they are ruled by central government and hence have no elected governments therefore are controlled by president's appointed officials and are not independent to choose their own representative.

How did the Han choose government officials?

The Han determined jobs by knowledge and abilities. To become an offical you would need to memorize 5 books and take very long test.