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Originally Cuba was not communist but since the Castro revolution, it has been and is a communist country.

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What kind of country is Cuba?

Cuba is a small communist country. The elections in Cuba are candidates which are approved by the communist party. Cuba is a country that is entrenched in poverty.

Which is a communist country?


Is Cuba communistic?

Yes, Cuba is a communist country.

Did President Johnson try to stop Cuba from being a communist country?

He tried but Cuba wanted to stay a communist country.

Why is Cuba a Communist country?

Because Fidel Castro declared himself and Cuba communist in 1962.

How did Castro begin to change Cuba?

Castro was a communist so Cuba became a communist country.

Is Cuba free?

No, its a Communist country.

Is Cuba a capitalist country?

Cuba is a communist country with a dictator, Fidel Castro. Cuba is a one party communist state, there is only one legal political party, the Cuban Communist Party (PCC).

Is Cuba a enterprise country?

No, its a communist ruled country.

What is the law making process of cuba?

Cuba is a communist country, so there is no process to make laws. The head of a communist country makes the laws.

What country is the only communist country of the Western Hemisphere?

Cuba is the only communist country in the western Hemisphere.

Is there a dictatorship or republic in Cuba?

It is a communist country.

Is Cuba still a communist country?

yes it is

What country in Latin America is communist?


What country has a communist government?

Cuba and China

What is the closest communist country to the US?


Communist country in the west indies is?


Communist country in the western hemisphere?


What country is communist in the Americas?

Only Cuba.

If you say you hate Cuba in Cuba can you go to jal?

Yes you can because Cuba is a Communist country.

What form of government does Cuba have?

Cuba is a communist country run by Raul Castro.

What current type of country wide government does Cuba have?

Cuba has a communist government.

What are the countries are communist?

The FIVE remaining communist countries are; Cuba, China, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos. The closest communist country to the United States is Cuba, and the largest communist country is China. ~ John 9th grade

What is the only Communist country in the Western Hemisphere?


What Latin American country is communist?

Cuba qualifies as such.