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NO I knew the day as June the 5th many weeks before I was 13 years of age and my uncle station on the south coast near Brighton a dispatchrider in the RASC told me the day and to keep it secret which I did. He wanted to let people know he knew the great SECRET regards ken bennett

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Q: Was D day a well kept secret?
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Who were the leaders of D-Day?

The five main leaders of D-Day were Ramsay, Eisenhower, Churchill, Montgomery and Tedder. They were all good leaders because as well as being kind and nice, they were also disciplined and kept control of their soldiers. They kept the whole investigation in secret, which was key to the success!

What was the allie secret password for d day?

The secret password was Overlord.

What geographical obstacle kept the 21st Panzer Division from attacking the Allies on D-Day?

the obstacle the kept the 21st division the allies on D-day was a river called the Orne river

What happens in the Kingdom Hearts secret ending?

well... it isnt called "secret" for no reason. Its a secret. secret. ending... :D

What are the release dates for Secret D-Day - 1998 - TV?

Secret D-Day - 1998 - TV was released on: USA: 6 December 1998

Does the d in d day stand for death?

no to this day no one is entirely sure why it is called d-day, historians believe it was d-day was for decision day because it would decide the rest of the war, the only person who knew was general Dwight Eisenhower who took the secret to his grave. Eisenhower took this secret to his grave because D-Day stood for death day. Ask yourself 'Why would Eisenhower take 'Decision- day' to his grave?

What was the conclusion of D-DAY?

The end of the 6 th June, but the landings kept on every day for months

What did the D in D-Day stand for?

Well most sources say that D-Day stands for "The day of days."

What are some songs by Diamond D?

Diamond D is a hip hop artist from New York and has released a number of songs. Some of the most well known include 'I'm Not Playin', 'The Best Kept Secret' and 'Sally Got a One-Track Mind'.

Did Theordore Roosevelt have polio?

No, you are thinking of Franklin D. Roosevelt! Although throughout his whole presidency he kept it a major secret from the public.

Why was d day the longest day?

Because the operation started at 00.16 when the first paratroops landed and did not end till 2400, and even then kept going into D+1.

Why did Germany surrender on D-Day?

Germany did not surrender on D-Day. Many individual German soldiers surrendered, but Germany kept on for a further 9 months of battle before giving in.

What was the secret password for the D-Day invasion?

Code named operation overlord

How did D day change the course of the war?

Well, D-day was the first strike to free France.

What are the release dates for Investigating History - 2003 D-Day The Secret Massacre 1-7?

Investigating History - 2003 D-Day The Secret Massacre 1-7 was released on: USA: 1 June 2004

What did the d in d day stand for?

Destination 2nd Answer: The true answer is that the 'd' in 'd-day' stands for "day". It could just as well have been called D-0 (zero) because there follows D+1, D+2, D+3 and so on. But you have to admit that d-day is much more useful and understandable than d-0.

Why do people celebrate Veterans Day?

well they celebrate veterans day because they honor that day :D

What is the sercret of true love?

Honestly? Communication. =D Well, it's the secret to happy relationships atleast.

How did D-Day-Normandy affect World War 2?

It kept the fast rolling Russians (Soviets) from taking over all of Germany.

Was the first day of d day a sucses?

well one d-day was one day (june 6) and yes it was a sucsess the allies took over the beaches and eventually pushed inland

Who was in the plan Operation Overlord?

it was a top secret plan. called D-day. The US was in it. It Was a Plan To Attack At Normandy Beach.

What situations led up to d-day?

Well, there weren't really events that led to D-day. The allied forces wanted to stop Hitler and his army for good, the invasion to take Europe back (D-day) was set on June 6, 1945

What is Utah?

Utah was one of the landings Of d-day but it didn't go well

What does the letter D stand for in D-Day?

D stands for death in D-Day

How do you count days after d day?

Days are labeled D + number. So the day after D-Day would be D+1, the week after D-Day D+7, the month after D-Day D+30, etc.