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Q: Was David Angell image behind glass in final frasier episode during goodbye speech?
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What are the ratings and certificates for Behind the Couch The Making of 'Frasier' - 2003 V?

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the episode you are refering to is episode "Shrink Rap" in season 3. in it frasier and niles decide to practice together and share office space. eventually their fights get so disturbing to other psychiatrists and their clients, that doctor Schachter, couples counselor steps in and asks them to quiet down and step in his office to get to the root of the problem. Dr. Schachter decides they have a basic lack of trust and they will begin treatment with a basic trust exorcise. He instructs niles to stand on the box and fall, and frasier to catch him. niles couldn't be coaxed into falling so frasier steps up to the box and eventually decides not to. Dr. Schachter stands on the box while saying "this couldn't be simpler, I count to 3 and you catch me 1...2...3..." on three the counselor (not marty) falls while frasier and niles look at the other expectantly

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